Saturday, July 20, 2013


A couple hours after Kristofer Buckle tweeted this:
I decided to do some little investigating of my own to see where this picture was taken and for what occasion, so I asked Kristofer a question and he responded:
Now that I see what Xtina's makeup and hair looked like for the performance I'm greatly disppointed at the fact that it was never aired. Wonder what happened? Technical difficulties? Lol.

 Anywho... atleast we now know that she looked like a fierce queen.

What are your thoughts about her look for the 'Your Body' performance?


  1. Christina should fired this dude. Half the time she looked like a clown. There are many make up artist that can layer you in 100 layers of make up and make it look as if it is just one. This dude made her look like a clown. I guess she had no problem with that since she keeps him around.

  2. Ummm she's always chosen to do heavy makeup thats nothing new.I too have not always been a fan of her makeup choices or wardrobe but thats how she is.

  3. Let's face it. Girl looks like a tranny. I can say though that the make up took hours to do. And that's great, but Christina can't look like that. A clown. This next era of her should be about soul that focuses more on her voice. More age appropriate. Fans are getting old too, you know. Enough of this full on drag queen, Minaj shit. A want some sophistication to her wardrobe and makeup. She has proven that she can look classy and sexy.

  4. @9:24 I so agree with you. It needs to be about the voice. We need a whole different Christina. A more tone down one.

  5. I don't like this make up it's too much and too childish! All the pink and purple is very teenager.

    Anyway as for why the performance didn't air - Since back then a lot of X's performances did more harm than good I can only assume it was for that reason. I love her but her performances and look back then was a hot mess.

    I hope someday we see the footage though usually these things leak on youtube I'm surprised they haven't by now!