Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Editors Note:
For the past 2 years I haven't really heard Gaga talk about Christina but now that Christina is on the verge of releasing her highly-anticipated new album #Lotus, this upcoming Tuesday (Nov. 13th) Gaga has been stanning hard for our girl. Just a couple weeks back we were shocked when we saw her Gaga tweet that she bought 'Your Body' and loved it. 
Hmmm... let's hope she doesn't try to capitalize on Christina's release by promoting herself. We will just have to wait and see... but in the mean time any type of promo geared towards Christina is good promo.


  1. I agree with your editors note.

    At the end of the day no matter what gaga and xtina really think of each other and no matter what us xtina fans and gagas fans think of each other either it's great that gaga is giving xtina some credit. She could have just sat back and said nothing like plenty of other pop stars I could name but she seems to be trying on more than one occasion to show support for xtina. People can and probably will think that her support is fake but I don't understand the logic behind that. Maybe she's trying to calm the fan wars because she probably knows how hostile her fans have been towards our girl in the past. On the other hand xtina fans who are quite hostile towards gaga need to not jump to the worst conclusion straight away and try to realize that you don't need to like gaga to accept the fact that she could quite possibly be a genuine fan of xtina. Just think about it logically. Xtina is a powerhouse vocalist that gaga would have been exposed to while she was growing up, studying music and performing in bars so it would have almost been impossible for gaga to not have admired her during that time. Any performer who studies music and sings in clubs will always look to the likes of xtina. So it shouldn't be THAT hard to believe that she is being genuine here. Gaga has nothing to gain from tweeting things like this. Like her or hate her, if she wants promotion all she needs to do is wear something stupid tomorrow and she can get all the attention she wants. She doesn't need to use xtina for her own personal promotion and to be honest I think we all know that. She can get attention any time of the day if she wants after all it's pretty much what she bases her entire career on. People don't have to agree with that and that's fine but logically it makes sense that she's a genuine admirer of xtina and isn't showing support for her just for her own gain.

    Weather people believe her support for xtina is genuine or not doesn't really matter because I suppose it's beneficial to xtina all the same. Gaga is big when it comes to social media because she comes from the generation of musicians who have gathered a lot of attention due to their popularity over the internet. A simple tweet like that is great for The Voice and xtina. After all she has 30 million followers and her fans follow her like sheep so if she says she will watch the voice you can bet a large percentage of her fans will too. Win win situation!


  2. Lol ok for those who don't know, the guy from Chicago Fire that was just on The Voice is Lady Gaga's boyfriend so obviously that's why she was watching it.

    Oh well


    1. Yeah I figured that much when I saw that guy. She is one lucky bitch. Lol

      - Karlos