Saturday, November 17, 2012


Christina Aguilera is hard at work rehearsing for her big performance at the 2012 American Music Awards on Sunday – and Access Hollywood has the exclusive details on what the pop diva will perform.

The superstar singer will treat fans to a medley of new songs off of her latest album, “Lotus,” including, “Let There Be Love,” “Army of Me” and “Lotus,” a source inside Christina’s closed AMA rehearsal revealed to Access on Saturday.

“The Voice” coach will begin her performance in a pink dress, before vanishing for about one minute in, then reemerging rocking a glittering black bustier.

Christina’s performance will feature an anti-bullying theme, the source said, with her dancers dressed as misfits (including bikers, drag queens, etc.), and carrying signs featuring words associated with bullying, such as “doubt,” “hate” and “fear.”

Source: Access Hollywood


  1. That's not xtina in the bottom picture in the black outfit is it...?

  2. That's definitely xtina on the bottom picture who rock the black leather outfit..

  3. Yeah it looks like her body. Her trailer from Your Body video is also making a cameo!

  4. Can't wait to watch the performance..

  5. Sorry but if that is in face xtinas outfit then she's just asking for trouble and hasn't learn from her mistakes. I never do this but
    Sorry but COME ON
    I thought we had gotten over the Bionic - compare to lady gaga era and outfits like this are just asking for the exact same thing to happen again. When will she learn? This is career suicide. Btw this has nothing to do with her figure or weight etc it's to do with the fact that these looks are way too similar to other out there and she's just going to be compared to them and you're all in denial if you can't admit that it's comparisons that ruined the Bionic era. Xtina has to purposely try and separate herself from the other pop stars out there if she wants to be taken seriously and if she doesn't want a repeat of the Bionic era.

  6. People are never happy with anything! I wonder if other Singer's fans are this hard to please?? I understand that Christina needs to be back on top, we all want her to get the respect and recognition she deserves but sometimes its just not gonna happen. Christina is in a league of her own and everbody doesn't get that, so instead of criticizing and doing the very thing that we would be so pissed off about if somebody else was doing it, we need to support and be true fans. She is a big girl and is obviously aware of what she is doing. So we either need to jump on the Xtina express or get ran the fuck over because we can't stop her.

  7. With all due respect to the above comment, just because we sometimes criticise her choices does not mean were not "true fans" Anyone out there who claims they love every single thing she does is lying. There is nothing wrong with wanting the best for her and I think we all know that a repeat of the Bionic era AND Bionic era styles is NOT what she needs. Were the ones buying her records and making her money so it's perfectly understandable to be frustrated when she keeps making the same outfit mistakes over and over and over and over again. The medis gives her enough slack a it is, she doesn't need to go out looking for it like this outfit will do. Lotus is about rebirth (apparently) yet her style is stuck in the Bionic era

    I'm not the same person as at 7:49am but I agree with what they are saying. As the person above, throwing in a few random swear words doesn't make you sound smart fyi. Stay in denial. You're right about one thing, no we can't stop her but YES we can be unhappy with it if we know she can do better.

    1. I 100% understand where you all are coming from, but my point is why get crazy over one costume??? And it doesn't mean I'm in denial, because honestly regardless of what she is wearing I'm not losing any sleep. It just bugs me when there seems to be some ungreatful fans. We waited two long years for lotus and I just feel like we should appreciate the fact that there is new music, new performances, a new Christina and she can't do anything without getting dogged for every little thing! She can't catch a break. I'm trying to take more of a "do what makes you happy" approach. People take music soooooo seriously these days, just enjoy. And that seems like "denial" then so be it....and I'm well aware that swearing doesn't make a person sound smart but thanks for the

  8. Why get crazy over one costume? Because this costume and performance SERIOUSLY matters! She has done virtually no promo for Lotus so a lot depended on the AMAs performance. If it were just a regular performance I'd be thinking "Ok, bad outfit but no big deal" but this performance needed to be good to help Lotus. It was very important and it didn't work. The concept of her performance with the whole self acceptance theme etc was amazing but it was overshadowed by her bad outfit choice that the media is having a field day slating her and t be honest, I see why. Nobody is "ungrateful" we've stuck by her through a lot the past few years and she wouldn't even be here if it weren't for us fans so again, when she overshadows her otherwise great performances with another bad outfit she MUST know people will hate by now it's annoying. She's causing this controversy herself by making bad decisions. I've put up with a lot for her but there comes a point where she needs to start listening to other people including her management/fans etc instead of herself all the time. She can't catch a break FOR A REASON because she keeps making the same unnecessary mistakes over and over and over again. She needs to learn what works and what doesn't and THIS does not work. Her image looks the exact same as in the Bionic era I mean come on what the hell is up with that? I sometimes think she's purposely trying to fail. Bionic didn't do well, a good album but didn't perform well why would she do the same things like wearing the same outfits etc when they failed so much the first time? For god sake Christina I love you but LEARN from your mistakes!

  9. Its is so true u cant please everybody but thank her for her new music and thats shes back and not left way out in the dust she may not sound like the fucking record but becuse shes singing live you try gettin on that stage a try beltin a high note its impossible so good job xtina I just wanna know whats next or whats ur next move love u ur fan xtina is the best

  10. Ya really guys she's been through a lot and she's doing what she wants and so do all of us so ya just leave her alone why don't you! Love you Christina! From your biggest fan ever!

  11. I love her and will stand up for her so...come on be nice she's a good person and mom leave her alone! Love you Christina and I will always stand up for you! From your biggest fan.