Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Kelly Clarkson has, at times, straddled the line between pop and country in her music. So when she says that Christina Aguilera's Nashville-tinged Lotus ballad, "Just A Fool," is a pretty impressive duet between her and her "Voice" co-mentor Blake Shelton, she probably knows what she's talking about.

The track is a big, sweeping slow jam that features Aguilera's vocals soaring over the amped-up production as her and Shelton's call and response details their respective heartbreaks. Fans, like Clarkson, have since been treated to an early listen to the song, ahead of the album's November 19 release date. And, if you haven't given it a spin yet, Clarkson advises you do so.


"Well my manager told me that, he's like 'Hey you, [Blake] did a duet with Christina?' " she shared with MTV News about how she was introduced the song, and later tweeted some praise for it. "I love both of them. I was just curious how both of them would sound together."

And, when she heard it she couldn't believe how well Aguilera's big voice complements Shelton's twang.

"And he played it for me and it was really awesome. I cannot wait for everybody to hear it. I guess you just don't think they're two such different voices like, or distinguishable voices, they're just like very different. And then, but it came together nicely. They both blended together really well. It was awesome. It's really good."

Fans have less than a week until they can hear the entire album, but "The Voice" judge has been getting music lovers pumped up for it, dropping a number of the tracks ahead of schedule, including another moving ballad, titled "Blank Page."

Source: MTV
Credits: Paddy

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