Thursday, October 11, 2012


Aguilera, rocking blond, bright pink and purple hair, appeared before the press in Los Angeles on Tuesday to announce the nominees of the 2012 American Music Awards. Minaj, who collaborated with her on the 2010 single "Woohoo," is nominated for four awards.

"I love Nicki Minaj!" Aguilera told and other outlets. "I think she's great, she's fun, she's fun to look at, colorful. I love that she's able to take risks and people embrace that about her."

Minaj, also known for her edgy outfits and hairstyles, recently made headlines due to an online video that shows her getting into a heated, expletive-filled argument with Carey at the judges' table of "American Idol." The two and country singer Keith Urban had joined the FOX singing contest series earlier this year, replacing Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez.

Recent reports suggest Minaj and Carey, who had also collaborated on a single in 2010 - "Up Out My Face," had become involved in a feud. But some celebrities, such as Tyler and Cee Lo Green, who is Aguilera's co-mentor on NBC's competing series "The Voice," have voiced skepticism in video interviews with TMZ about whether or not there is indeed bad blood between the two.

When asked about it, Aguilera told and reporters: "I don't know. I'm not on that show. I'm sure they'll be great."

Aguilera is not currently nominated for an American Music Award herself, as she didn't release a record in the past year, but she is taking advantage of the opportunity to perform songs from her upcoming album "Lotus" at the ceremony, which takes place five days after its release, on November 18 (check out more details and a full list of AMA nominees)

"I'm so excited to have been here to announce the nominees who have put out albums of the past year and to also be right on the verge of releasing my own and doing the first big performance of 'Lotus' on the show," Aguilera said.

The singer released the first single from the record, "Your Body," in September. The music video shows Aguilera rocking a lot of pink wigs, leopard print, corsets and micro-mini skirts, while meeting and murdering a slew of handsome male companions.

Aguilera's last album, a 2010 dance and electronic album titled "Bionic," sold just 310,000 units and was her first album to not reach platinum status.

Since then, Aguilera has gone through a divorce, found new love and came back into the public eye on "The Voice. It was announced on September 17 that Aguilera and Green would be taking time off from the reality series in its upcoming fourth season in 2013, during which she plans to tour to promote her new record. Shakira and Usher will take the pair's spots, alongside Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. The third season of the reality singing competition premiered on September 10.

Source: OTRC

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