Sunday, October 28, 2012


Christina Aguilera's latest music video begins with a warning that advises viewers that no men were harmed during the filming.

And that's good news, especially since Hazleton native David Craig has a starring role in Aguilera's "Your Body."

It's his favorite video role to date - and he has had quite a few since he moved to Studio City, Calif., a little over a year ago.

"Knowing it was Christina was exciting. She has a great career and has done some very cool videos," said Craig, a 2009 Hazleton Area High School graduate. "I got the feeling they were going to put some good money and vision behind it to make it special. I was right."

As of Tuesday, "Your Body" was viewed more than 17 million times on

Craig, 21, stars as a convenience store clerk and is the third man Aguilera meets in the video. He is taken to a motel by Aguilera, where she dances, pulls out a baseball bat and swings. Craig is reduced to a pile of glitter.

It was a scene he'll never forget.

"As everyone knows now, she hits me with a bat and naturally, you think, 'She's not going to really hit me, so let me help her make this look real,'" he said. "Well, I guess she really got into her role because that bat definitely hit me directly in the head a few times. But it was fun and well worth it."

Craig, a musician, model and actor who performed with the Hazleton-based Karaoke Kids as a teenager, called Aguilera "a professional."

"She approached everything with ease. She was ready to go and when the cameras rolled, she turned it on," he said.

Craig's parents, John and Judy Craig, were visiting him when he attended the audition with hundreds of hopefuls.

"Most castings are hit or miss. Sometimes you have an idea what they are looking for. Other times you just have to go in ready for anything," Craig said, recalling the audition. "You try to have a great personality and win over the people who have the power to get you the gig. I go in being kind and authentic and so far that helps."

Judy Craig wasn't surprised her son was chosen.

"He works so hard and this is what he wants to do," she said.

"Every time I get booked on a gig I'm excited," said Craig, who appeared as British singer Cher Lloyd's ex-boyfriend in the United Kingdom version of "Want U Back." He has also been in music videos by Chris Brown, Eric Benet, Daniel Powter, Owl City, Big Sean, Breathe Carolina and Frankie J. As for television shows, he's appeared on "Two and a Half Men," "Pretty Little Liars," "90210" and "How I Met Your Mother."

Look for him in commercials for Mattel's Loopz, the E! Network and a Pepsi/"Saturday Night Live" promotion, or in print ads for Gennera Clothing, Revolution 21, Journeys and Sony.

Craig said that while moving away from home was difficult it was something he needed to do for the career he loves.

"I really do try to make the most out of every opportunity I get. I know that there are millions of guys right around the corner who would love to get the chance to do what I do, but never do," he said. "I don't take it for granted."

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