Tuesday, October 9, 2012


After fabricated quotes on being a "fat girl" went viral last week, the real Christina Aguilera doesn't have anything to hide. The singer appears nude on the cover of her forthcoming album, "Lotus," and told reporters at the American Music Awards nominations announcement on Tuesday that the decision was a "no-brainer."

"Have I ever been scared to take risks?" she said, laughing. "I'm very comfortable with my body. I've always said, no matter what hairstyle, crazy look, make-up, i've always done [the] exciting thing. Whether people love it or hate it, at least I know I was staying true to myself."

The singer, the center of attention in a form-fitting purple dress and glittering bling on her neck and hand, says she'll "bring that album cover to life" in her Nov. 18 AMAs performance. She also announced the nominees on Tuesday.

"It'll be a little bit of a medley," Aguilera says of the songs she'll perform. "You'll get a feel for 'Lotus' ... 'Your Body' is only one dimension of a very multi-layered record."

Beyond the "tongue-in-cheek" "Your Body," which already has 11 million YouTube views, Aguilera said the new set will include vulnerable ballads and vocals inspired by her work on "The Voice."

"There are some songs that I vocally went for, being inspired off of being a coach from 'The Voice,' to inspire the new generation of singers," she says. "There's a bunch of 6 year olds that weren't around [for 1999 single] 'Genie in a Bottle' so it's very interesting and fun for me to release this particular record, let them know what I'm about as an artist."

Source: Billboard

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