Friday, September 28, 2012


Let's all give Christina Aguilera a round of applause for giving us THE best way to cruise into the weekend. After tons of hints, Tweets, and Facebook sneak peeks, she's dropped her music video for "Your Body" today, and good news- it's basically just as epic as we'd all been secretly hoping. There's no question the track is a guaranteed dance party, and our girl has turned out a major video to match, complete with about a ZILLION costume changes and 7 different beauty looks! Between the retro curls, the braids and the rainbow weave, they're too good NOT to break down, one by let's get started!

Christina is ALL about the disguises in the video- she uses 'em to rope the guys in and get her revenge (warning: don't try this at home!). She starts out in good-girl mode, with baby pink lipstick, lashes out to THERE, and a deceptively sweet smile. Plus, can we please talk about her amazing accessories?! Between the star earring, her embellished white sunglasses (to match her nails, obviously), and loads of rings....we honestly don't know which piece we want to steal the most.

Whereas before Christina's hair was mostly bleach blonde, we finally get a peek at the amazing pink streaks in her milkmaid braids. The colored hair trend definitely isn't going ANYWHERE soon, and we're okay with that if it looks THIS good. She's swapped out her bubblegum lipstick for a pale coral gloss, and added even more bling with a "Rich B*tch" necklace by Tom Binns and LOADS of jewelry. And while it might take us a while to master the milkmaid pleats, here's the good news: her thin cateye is a look pretty much anyone can copy.

My Little Pony hair alert! With her wavy hair down now and in a middle part, we can finally peep Christina's red, pink, and purple hues woven into the blonde. Just in case you're keeping track, yes, she's added more mascara and changed her lipcolor for the third time. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do....

Guys of the world, watch Christina's in major seduction mode in the car with her latest conquest. There aren't TOO many ladies we know who can work a bandana and mini veil, but if there's anyone who can, it's this pop star. With a swipe of black liner and nude lipgloss, it's a foolproof faux-innocent beauty trick that we can ALL get behind.

We've been patiently waiting the entire time for the bad girl Christina to come out, and here she is! OK, so it might not be QUITE "Dirrty" status, but her turn as a killer (literally) seductress is pretty badass. She's ditched her curly blonde for all-over braids, brought back out the red lips, and topped it all off with a "come hither" stare. The rest is, murder.

It's basically impossible to play favorites in this video, but Christina's retro-fabulous beauty look is definitely up there. The glitter sunglasses, the gum-flicking attitude, the hair tied back with a perfection, right?!

Christina goes out with a serious BANG (heh) in the last scene with the most dramatic look of them all. She's totally switched up her hairstyle with straight pink locks, but we love how you can kind of still see pieces of the original blonde peeking though. It's almost like she dyed her hair in a hurry as an inta-disguise to escape...that's what we're going to imagine, anyway. With confetti, glitter, and a rosy beauty look, leave it to Christina Aguilera to make a crime scene go glam.

Source: MTV Style


  1. I love the last line! crime scene gone glam!

  2. Need these jewelry in my life. Where can I get them? The earrings, the bracelet, and sunglasses?