Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Two giveaways in one. Celebrate the regality of women with The Royal Desire Makeup Look Contest -- based on the fragrance’s notes -- and the separate drawing of fifty winners of the fragrance. Many will enter and win.

BeautyStat.com -- the leading online beauty community for skincare reviews and makeup reviews -- wants every woman to feel like a queen this summer with not one, but two giveaways for the Christina Aguilera Royal Desire Fragrance. The first part of the giveaway will include a “Create Your Own Royal Desire Look Contest” -- which will require interested candidates to create their own makeup look based on the notes found in the fragrance.

Christina Aguilera’s voice has made her into the powerhouse she is today in the music world, but it is also her noteworthy and feminine style -- from exquisite makeup looks to exciting hairstyles -- that makes her the embodiment of a true queen. The fragrance opens with delicious blackcurrant and incorporates Christina’s love of Japan with notes of yuzu citrus. And with additional notes including honeysuckle, lily and rose, the looks and inspirations are endless.

The submitted looks will be narrowed down to fifteen by BeautyStat makeup artists/writers in the beauty industry. They will then in turn have the BeautyStat readership vote for the top three looks. The winners will receive Visa gift cards of varying monetary value (first place receives one-hundred dollars; second place receives fifty dollars and third place receives twenty-five dollars) and a full size bottle of the fragrance.

The second part of the giveaway will allow those who decide not to participate in the makeup look contest to be eligible to receive their very own full size bottle of Christina Aguilera Royal Desire. All they have to do is comment, letting us know what makes them feel like a queen and/or cast their vote for the look they think should win. Entrants must also share the contest giveaway with their friends on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Christina Aguilera Royal Desire is for women who love to feel desirable and exquisite.“With this scent, I wanted to create a truly sensory experience,” explains Christina, “and provide a moment every day where women could pamper themselves and feel sexy and beautiful…exuding the sensual elegance of a queen.”
This giveaway lets every woman have a chance to experience a truly desirable and lavish fragrance -- just what every queen deserves. The giveaway will be open for everyone to submit their Royal Desire-inspired looks to until August 8th. The top fifteen looks will be chosen and ready on August 13th with the voting process lasting until August 27th. This regal experience won’t last long, so make sure to participate in any way that you can.

Source: BeautyStat

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