Friday, June 8, 2012


We all know that Christina Aguilera has got a great set of pipes and we can listen to her sing all day long, but what about listening to what she has to tell us on Twitter? The sultry singer had some serious stuff to say about the crisis going on over in Sahel.

Sahel is a region in West Africa that has been experiencing a major drought. Crops are failing, so that means that food has gotten way more expensive because it’s harder to get stuff to eat right now. It’s an all-around bad situation, but we can give aid and make a difference. That’s why Xtina tweeted this:
Her link takes you to the World Food Progamme, which is offering to match your donation until June 15. If you donate $10, another $10 will be given to the WFP, making it $20 in total. The WFP is especially interested in making sure food goes to kids, pregnant women and nursing moms. It doesn’t cost much to make a BIG difference: just $50 will supply more than three months' worth of food for two people. This whole double-your-impact deal only lasts another week, and it makes your contribution even more helpful.
Christina’s not the only celeb who’s trying to help out the people of Sahel. Shakira and Selena Gomez are also wearing their hearts on their sleeves when it comes to this crisis, asking their fans to pitch in. Xtina’s on the bandwagon with them, so would you like to follow the lead these ladies are taking?

Source: MTV Act Blog

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