Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Christina Aguilera has established herself as one of the most stellar voices of this generation of music and has broadened her career by becoming a mentor on the singing show The Voice.

For this Pop Culture Rewind, we take you back to a time when Aguilera's current accomplishments in the music industry and beyond were merely hopeful aspirations as she was just beginning her career with her self-titled debut album.

Thirteen years ago on this date, Aguilera was filming her first career music video for what would become one of her most iconic singles, "Genie in a Bottle."

In the featured flashback above, the then-18-year-old singer was very confident and determined about her the future of her music career.

When she is asked if she believes that she will become the next breakthrough singer, she doesn't hesitate to answer, "I do. I mean, I may speak confidently when I say that...I'm hoping, of course, that everything goes well but I know my time will come soon. I'm joining Britney (Spears) soon."

Add soothsayer to her list of accomplishments.

Source: The Insider

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  1. how CUUTE! I miss this lil spunky cheerful Christina! but I can totally understand how the industry itself can make a person resentful and cold.