Friday, June 8, 2012


If the ever-lovely Beth Ditto is to believed, she may well be.

In a recent interview with Pop Justice, Ditto revealed that while she and her Gossip bandmates were in England recording at Xenomania Towers, the rural headquarters for super-producer Brian Higgins and his crew, they encountered a number of other musicians – but it's the one who wasn't there at the time but was planning on "coming in" that got us the most excited.

"Florrie was there, Annie was there. That’s when Nathan and I were there anyway. And there were some other people that I don’t remember. I think they were up and coming people," Ditto said when asked who was hanging around the studio. "But they were like, 'Oh in a week Christina Aguilera’s coming in,' and I was like 'please let me stay here.'"

Aguilera talked up her new album during an April episode of her hit show "The Voice," telling Christina Milian, "I've been in the studio, hard at work. Different producers I'm working with have just excited me so much and have given me amazing tracks and beats and material I've been writing to and [with] writing partners. It's just filled with fun and excitement, and it's gonna come out later this year, and I'm very, very excited to share it with my fans, finally."

If one of the producers she mentioned does turn out to be Xenomania, Aguilera's fans should start getting excited. The British songwriting and production team, comprised mainly of Higgins and Miranda Cooper, have an affinity for radio friendly Europop and are revered in the UK for their work with some of the country's top acts, including Pet Shop Boys, The Saturdays, Sugababes and, in particular, Girls Aloud. They've also worked with Kylie Minogue, one of the world's biggest dance-pop superstars, and Higgins co-wrote Cher's international blockbuster "Believe."

It could be a marriage made in pop heaven – one of the best voices in mainstream music hitting the studio with producers renowned for making forward-thinking dance music that strays far enough off the well-worn path to be interesting but not so far that it won't find radio love. Sign us up, Xtina!

Source: MTV Newsroom
Credits: Bionic_Candy

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