Saturday, May 12, 2012


Even British boy band The Wanted feel unwanted sometimes. Who by? Christina Aguilera. After a recent visit to "The Voice," the band's Tom Parker called Christina "a total b*tch" for apparently refusing to look at and speak to them. They apologized, but now are back at it! Perhaps she was just intimidated? Good looks x (5 boys + 5 British accents) = speechless, in my book. Maybe not for Christina, but chill out boys! Millions of women around the world still kiss your glossy posters goodnight before bed.

Although what Christina did (if she did) was sort of…well…what The Wanted said…let’s not forget about all of the kind things Christina has done over the course of her career.

Here are a just few of them:

+ She donated $200,000 to a Women’s Shelter.

In 2003, Christina donated $200,000 to the Women's Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh (her hometown). The shelter deals specifically with domestic violence survivors and their families -- an issue close to Christina’s heart, as she often speaks on the domestic abuse she witnessed and experienced as a child.

+ She has publically supported the LGBT community for years.

Christina was supporting the LGBT community long before Lady Gaga dressed in meat and wrote “Born This Way”! ‘Tina was one of the first mainstream artists to use gay and transgender images in her 2002 music video for, “Beautiful.” In 2008, she took a public stance against California’s Proposition 8 saying, "Marriage should be about two people celebrating their love for each other. It shouldn't have anything to do with someone's sexual preference." She is also the first celeb named to West Hollywood's Gay Walk of Fame.

+ She sang my pre-teen crying song.
Crying song, noun: 1. A song that many sensitive, “heart-broken” individuals cry to alone in their rooms. 2. Emo.
My current crying song is Coldplay’s “Fix You,” but back in the day, Christina Aguilera "Reflection" helped me through my first major breakup. And by “major,” I mean that this guy named Oscar sat with me at lunch on Monday but not on Tuesday. It was devastating.

“Wheeeen will my reflection show whooooo I am insiiiiide?” I don’t know, Christina. I. Don’t. Know. However, I’m certain (or hopeful) that whatever reflection The Wanted saw of you wasn’t “who you really are inside.”

P.S. We love you both. Keep doing what you're doing to give back.

Source: MTV

Editors Note:
It's great to know that there are people out there that actually do their homework and know about stuff that Christina does under the radar. Christina is an amazing woman but I guess the world is going to have to figure that out on their own. Love & Light.

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