Friday, May 11, 2012


Most Undeniable Presence: Christina's Cleavage

There was one thing that Christina Aguilera made resoundingly clear during this season of The Voice. Well, two things, actually: her boobs. While contestants on the show sometimes outfitted themselves in racy garments, no necklines plunged the way that Xtina's consistently did. By the last episode, if you weren't intimately familiar with her experiments in upper, inner, and side cleavage, than you must have been watching a different show altogether.

Worst Luck With Women: Jesse Campbell
Jesse Campbell just can't win when it comes to the ladies. First his wife left him because he was too focused on his music career, rather than making a more traditionally stable living doing literally anything else. Then, after advancing pretty damn far in a competition that could lead to some seriously lucrative ends for his musical career, he got booted off of the show by Xtina prematurely in the biggest surprise elimination of the season. This guy can't catch a break.

Best Burn: Christina Aguilera Calls Adam Levine 'A Justin Timberlake Wannabe'

Xtina really leaned into her role as antagonist on this season of The Voice, and it was kind of the best. Whether you agreed with her or not (and I frequently did not), her smack-talking always made for good TV. On the second episode, she cemented a feud with Adam that continued throughout the season, by calling him a wannabe JT. Adam must have rejoiced, however, at the best unintentional burn of the season, when fully grown adult, Jonathus, tells Xtina he's had a crush on her since the fifth grade. Ouch!

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Source: Rolling Stone

Editors Note:
Adam Levine honest? Bitch please. He's such a douche. Hands down Christina is the most honest coach on 'The Voice'. She has the biggest balls on the show without having balls.


  1. This is why I dont read what Rolling Stone or Entertainment Weekly has to say about Christina. They are so against her in every possible way and its sad and unprofessional. They wont even give her credit when she's right!
    Whatever though. Can't Hold Her Down, right?! ;)

  2. the media has always been and will be forever spread hate on Christina Aguilera. the reason why we love she is real! she is honest! nuff said. as for Adam Levine being honest? screw y'all! i lost my respect for that whiny sounding man!

    Luq from Singapore