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The pop star explains her reasoning for this week’s eliminations on the NBC competition.

Christina Aguilera faced her second tough decision this week on Tuesday’s The Voice results show.

'The Voice' Quarterfinals: Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton Drop Two Strong Singers

The pop singer chose to save Lindsey Pavao over Ashley De La Rosa. Her fellow coaches didn’t seem to agree with that decision nor the one she made on Monday when she eliminated the very strong Jesse Campbell.

“Nobody knows our team more than us coaches ourselves and there's definitely rhyme and reason behind every single decision I make,” Christina defended herself after Tuesday’s show. “I'm very emotionally driven and I think that's what The Voice should be about.”

On Tuesday’s results show, Lindsey delivered a poignant performance of Mike Posner’s “Please Don’t Go” and then broke into tears at the end of the song. And that clearly moved her coach.

“Tonight, Lindsey brought me to tears,” Christina says. “And there was just no two ways around it. What was felt was felt. And it was real and it was honest and that's the best that I can do and what I always bring to the table as a coach. Love me, hate me, as a coach I think it's the only fair thing to these guys to be honest in the moment.”

When The Hollywood Reporter caught up with eliminated Ashley after the show, she was in good spirits and says she understands why her coach chose Lindsey over her.

“Emotion does go a long way,” Ashley tells THR. “Christina looks for that. I do think Lindsey’s emotion was really genuine and it wasn’t something that looked fake or anything. She really looked like she was having a hard time up there and she was getting really choked up. That made me sad, because Lindsey is my friend and I love her and I’m so happy she’s moving on in the competition. And I’m sure she would be happy if I would’ve moved on.”

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Source: Hollywood Reporter

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