Monday, February 20, 2012


1) Taking a cue from Cee Lo but with a slightly different approach, Blake name-drops Xenia while trying to win over an artist. Yes,that Xenia.

2) One artist sounds so much like his musical idol that the coaches actually think a prank is being played on them.

3) Carson surprises a street performer with an invitation to the blind auditions.

4) Cee Lo gets feisty. Which, as we all know, is as rare as a shooting star.

5) A famous pastor’s son takes the stage to start his own path, not necessarily in his father’s footsteps.

6) Christina does her signature “Genie In A Bottle” move circa ‘99 to lure an artist away from Cee Lo.

7) The epic coach bromance continues: we learn the artists aren’t the only ones who get giddy and nervous around Adam Levine.

8) A country hopeful tries to wow the coaches with the help of her…piano?

9) A Broadway veteran coming off Rent, We Will Rock You and American Idiot strives for pop/rock stardom. First stop? The Voice stage.

10) “We are looking at a star” the reaction to an artist who seems to have zero nerves and all the stage presence of a pro.
So tune in! Tell me what you think!

Source: @CMilianOfficial

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  1. it sounds very entertaining and funnie I cant wait I am so excited to watch the voice tonight team xtina is the best I hope one of the artist from team xtian wins the prize at the end of the show