Friday, February 17, 2012


WICHITA, Kansas -- Local boy makes good. Chris Mann was a hit on "The Voice" on NBC after the Superbowl.

"He always wanted to sing with Christina Aguillera," says mom, Patti, in Northeast Wichita this week after the show. "He always wanted to sing with her. Seeing him on stage with her was a thrill."

Patti and Mike always believed their son would hit it big. They believed.

"We've been through the ups and downs," says dad, Mike. "The highs the lows. The elation. Getting his first job."

Mike and Patti were at the recording of the big show.

"When he came out, we were still cheering for him," says Mike.

Chris got on the stage at The Voice and began singing his own brand of music. Something called classical crossover artistry.

The first judge on the show to go for Chris was artist/judge Cee Lo. Though Cee Lo wasn't sure what to make of Chris, singing in another language.

"You are from America, right?" asked Cee Lo on the big stage.

"I'm from Kansas," Chris said with a broad smile.

Kansas. A point of pride for Chris and both his parents. Chris cut his singing teeth at Wichita Southeast High, where he worked with WSU voice coaches. Chris was also a boy scout, tennis player, and fun-loving little brother to his sister, now an attorney in Wichita.

"We always knew he was incredibly talented," said Patti. "But he's just always wanted to sing with Christina. So to see him on stage with her after she picked him... did you see the hug she gave him?"

Pop sensation Christina Aguillera was the second judge on the show to pick Chris.

"Just let that voice go," said Aguillera of the unique style Mann showcased. "And you did."

Patti and Mike say Chris is thrilled to be moving on in the show. They're especially proud he was able to move forward with his own unique sound.

"He's got a variety of styles and ranges," says Mike "He loves the old style music of guys like Frank Sinatra. Loves the old singers."

So is Chris going to be the next Harry Connick Jr. or maybe Josh Groban?

"Oh, don't call him Josh Groban," says Patti. "Even though he's already good friends with Josh Groban. Chris will tell you he has his own style."

"Chris has been working on this for some time. He's already his own brand. He's a writer as well and he has a lot of music on the lifetime and E! Channel. He sang on Avatar. It's all on his website. He loves singing on Disney movies. He's a warbler with Glee. He's been doing many things... All with his big voice."

That big voice with the unique sound is moving on. He's not done on The Voice.

Catch The Voice, and Wichita's own Chris Mann, on NBC on the Kansas State Network.

Source: KSN

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