Friday, February 24, 2012


Yesterday, a dirty little rumor sprung up that producers for The Voice were planning to axe Christina Aguilera from the coaching line up after the conclusion of its second season.

Well we at AMP Radio wanted answers, so who better to ask than the host of the show (AND our morning show guru) Carson Daly?

What’s fact and what’s false? Hear the truth straight from the horse’s mouth!

Contrary to reports, producers couldn’t be more pleased with Christina Aguilera and her work on The Voice.

Among the false complaints, sources say the pop star doesn’t spend quality time with her own contestants, she doesn’t “participate,” she brings her boyfriend with her on set all the time, and they even go as far to say that she’s drinking on the job!
“I would tell you the 100% truth. If she was a diva, if she was a pain in the ass, I've got nothing vested. I'd tell you. I'd tell you right now."
What does Carson have to say about that? False, false, false and FALSE!

He set the record straight this morning on AMP Radio. As for her relationship with her contestants, he says she’s completely hands-on:
"I think she spent more time with her contestants, her team, the girls, than anybody else. [It] may not have been on the set, but she was on the phone with them, working out what songs they were going to do. Adam might have spent more time, but [she's] top two. She spent more time than Cee Lo or Blake, for sure."
Okay, item number 2: Christina doesn’t “participate?” Also not true.
"Some of the rehearsals she’s not at. Like some of them that I’m at, she’s really not needed. We’re doing what we call look-sees and blocking and camera, so they’ll have a stand in, but it’s quite common. She’s there for all the dress [rehearsals] and all the stuff that she has to be there for."
Carson then dispelled rumors about Christina’s boyfriend Matt hanging around at The Voice.
"I can count on one hand how many times Matt was on the set. I bring my girlfriend way more than I’ve seen her boyfriend."
Finally, he hilariously put to rest the most troubling subject: the matter of Christina drinking on set:
"We give her a hard time for not drinking on the job! Me and Adam and Cee Lo and Blake, we always are hanging out and drinking beers or whatever and we’re always trying to get her to come and join us, but she’s busy picking out outfits! So there’s no truth to it all, none whatsoever."
Well there you have it! Get the full 411 by listening to the audio clip below!

Source: AmpRadio

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