Tuesday, October 18, 2011


With the wild blonde hair, fish nets and other skimpy attire, Christina Aguilera could have been mistaken for another risque singer.

The popstar opted for a T-shirt and no trousers as she enjoyed a romantic meal with her boyfriend, Matt Rutler last night.

She bizarrely teamed the look with a pair of towering high heels, which would have better suited a nice evening dress.

And matched with a black leather jacket, the 30-year-old could have passed for Pretty Reckless rocker Taylor Momsen.

Except one thing was missing - make-up.

The usually heavily-painted star went slap free as she and Matt enjoyed a Monday night out dinner at Off Vine in Hollywood.

The restaurant which specialises in California American cuisine with an emphasis on generous portions of comfort foods such as pasta, meatloaf and steaks.

But the couple looked happy, Christina beaming widely as she skillfully navigated the stairs of the restaurant in her heels while clinging on to her man's arm.

There was no sign that the star was letting rival Kelly Osborne's comments about her weight get to her - or reports she has been told by executives on singing show, The Voice, to lose weight.
Christina, a judge on the U.S. show, is reportedly a size 12/14, or 9st, 4lbs, but has been told to lose 10lbs because it is 'difficult to dress her'.

A source told Closer magazine: 'TV bosses say it's a health issue. But what they really mean is she no longer looks sexy. She's been told to lose at least 10lbs before the next season starts in early 2012 - she went up two dress sizes in a matter of weeks.
Rocker chic? Former Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen often goes without trousers

Rocker chic? Taylor Momsen often goes without trousers

'She's been recommended a nutritionist and is meant to be on a strict diet. But she enjoys a glass on wine, doesn't care what she eats and hates exercise.'

Friends said she 'comfort ate' after her divorce from husband Jordan Bratman was finalised late last year.

Christina is said to have gained three stone after she gave birth to her son max in 2008, but had slimmed down to a size 10 again last year.

The superstar was a tiny size six when she rose to fame as a teenager in 2000.

Meanwhile, Kelly Osborne discussed Christina's weight on E!'s Fashion Police Friday.

Co-host George Kotsiopoulous defended her unflattering get-up at last weekend's Michael Jackson tribute concert.

He pointed out that she was 'still probably a [American] size 2/4' despite her poor outfit choice.

'Trust me,' Kelly, 26, sniped. 'I'm a 2/4. That is not a 2/4.'
She continued: 'She called me fat for years. I was never that fat.'

Fashion police co-host Joan Rivers agrees with the analysis.

'Lady Marmalade got into the peanut butter again,' she said.

Christina has been the source of criticism for pairing a tight-fitting black bodysuit with fishnets, heavy-handed makeup and massive hair.

On a previous episode of the E! commentary show, Ozzy Osbourne's daughter had also attacked the Burlesque star's size.

'Maybe she's just becoming the fat b***h she was always born to be. I don't know. She was a c*** to me', she said.

'She called me fat for so many f***ing years," Osbourne vented, 'so you know what? F**k you! You're fat too.'

Kelly has battled her own weight issues in the past, but after appearing on Dancing with the Stars in 2009, managed to lose and keep off 48 pounds.

Source: DailyMail


  1. i like the fact that she doesnt care about KELLYPHANT. hahaha. and with that smile on that face it's like telling these haters *Fuck off! i can eat anything i want cause i have the money for it!* but she will look more fantastic if she loses 10lbs. thats fine. :)

  2. I think she looks amazing. Her make-up is beautiful. I love her every single way.

  3. does anyone else notice how small she looks in the picture compared to the ones plastered on the net??!!! hello its all angles.She is not big folks. Joan rivers has her nerves she looks like a starved cat! and kelly all the weight loss in the world doesn't make her pretty with that stank ass attitude she has and no class at all!

  4. I don't think she is fat. Her waist is tiny if you look at pictures. But because she is so short any weight on her legs shows. It doesn't mean she is fat, it just means she needs to be more careful about what she wears and what will photograph well. Her outfit choices photograph badly at most angles so I think her stylist needs to be more aware of this.