Friday, October 7, 2011


Christina Aguilera admits she is a “workaholic”.

As well as being an international pop superstar, Christina is a mom, actress and has created ranges of fashion and beauty products.

The blonde beauty confessed that she has been obsessed with working hard every since she was a child.

"There are endless goals and possibilities. I always get inspired with new things. I am a workaholic,” she told “I haven't known anything else since I was six-years-old – it is somehow part of me.”

Christina claims she is constantly on the lookout for new projects.

The star has recently expanded her collection of perfume with her new fragrance 'Secret Potion'.

But she has also revealed that she is keen to record more music and star in another movie.

“I was always curious, I wanted to try new things,” she explained. “I want to create more products for my fans and I want to do another record in Spanish. I read scripts because my first movie Burlesque was such a great experience. And I always want to record new albums. I virtually want to die being on stage."

However, Christina insists that music will always be her first passion.

The singer is grateful for all the new experiences that her singing career has brought her.

“Music always used to be my thing, my escape route and I put all my energy into it and focused on it,” Christina said. “I believe in always having a goal. You can acquire a lot of experience out of it."

Source: Film-News
Image: Merlito

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