Sunday, October 30, 2011


Christina Aguilera’s new curvy figure may have been the source of much debate in recent months but the 'Moves Like Jagger' singer's personal trainer says she has been working hard to achieve a more womanly shape.

In an exclusive interview, fitness instructor Tee Sorge tells Starlounge how she has been helping Christina keep in shape.

"The trend in LA now is leaning towards a much healthier, curvier look, with toned, womanly shapes,” she says. “Christina and I started training six years ago. When she first came to me she was very petite with a tiny frame.

“Now, she has the body of a woman and she’s got muscle mass and curves.”

Tee devised a regime for Christina which primarily involves building muscle before stripping fat to create a leaner and defined look.

“Christina works out with me three to five times a week for a minimum of 90 minutes a day,” she explains.

“I do a 15-minute warm up on the treadmill or the bike and then weight circuits, which cover all body parts.”

She uses four to five different exercises three times each and makes each session different to maintain interest and to challenge the body before moving on to cardio.

“Christina does boxing, kickboxing or jump rope to keep her heart rate up,” she adds. “The muscle group trained during each session needs at least 24-48 hrs to recover."

When it comes to food, Tee says that while Christina eats very healthily, she has been advising her to eat a lot of proteins like eggs, beans, fish and meat.

“Diet is just as, and if not more important than exercise,” she says.

“Christina is really good with food and has a personal chef. She’s a normal, healthy eater."

“She might have junk food sometimes and has her treat, likes chocolate, but she’s petite so she doesn’t have a huge appetite! She is a fairly big meat eater and also likes things like tinned tuna.

“It’s a brilliant option, because it’s healthy, quick and packed with protein. I advise eating a lot of proteins like eggs, beans, fish and meat."

Tee says she is pleased that the star’s dedication to regular training over the years is still paying off.

"Now she’s 30 years old and everything’s pretty stable within her body because she put all the hard work in from her early twenties,” she adds.

“Her muscles are receptive. She’ll call me up and I will always fit her in. She has so much going on that she works really well being structured.”

Tee’s Top Tips
1) Eat more protein type foods and eat less food as the day goes on
2) Don’t eat more three hours before bedtime
3) Stay away from eating fruit in the evening since it’s a sugar and the body has to break that down.
4) Drink eight ounces of water per day
5) Do weight bearing exercises. They are important for women because they promote strong healthy bones.
6) Include a good fat, avocado or olive oil. Fats will keep you feeling satisfied and not hungry.
7) Snacks should always include a protein source like apples with string cheese and handful of almonds or pears with jerky and handful of peanuts.
Source: StarLounge

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