Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Now that T.I. got out of prison, they should totally release the song as a single. It would be great for Christina to have another hit single after Moves Like Jagger to keep her on top for the next album. Also, it would be wise for T.I. to release it too now that MLJ has gone to the top of the charts bringing Christina to the top again.

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Thursday (tomorrow), September 1st
Sydney: 2:00 am
Tokyo: 1:00 am
Manila/Singapore/Beijing: 12:00 am
Jakarta: 11:00 pm
Moscow: 8:00 pm
Eastern Europe/South Africa: 7:00 pm
Central Europe: 6:00 pm
UK: 5:00 pm
Rio de Janeiro/Sao Paulo/Buneos Aires: 1:00 pm
US Eastern/Santiago: 12:00 pm
Caracas: 11:30 am
US Central/Mexico City/Lima/Quito: 11:00 am
US Mountain: 10:00 am
US Pacific: 9:00 am

1. It's not the number of tweets that count but the number of people who tweet/retweet the same thing at the same time. In other words: only tweet/retweet the topic once a minute (max); this will also prevent users from ending up in twitter jail.

2. In order to achieve top tweets, RT from the big Xtina fan accounts such as @AguileraOnline, @CAguileraPT, @XtinaNews, @TheXtinaArmy, @XtinaTeam, @SoDamnBionic, @XtinaPride, @RatedXtina, @XtinaEcuador, @RCAPromo @CaguileraHUN, etc.

3. Don't spam!, or the topic line followed by a number or a letter

4. Most importantly: Only tweet/retweet ONE topic. Do NOT include a hashtag (#) anywhere in your tweet.

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