Wednesday, August 3, 2011


In March of 2010, Chicago radio programmers and deejays got an early listen to Christina’s new album Bionic. The response was very positive, but folks tied to Interscope Records (Lady Gaga’s record company) kept insisting that the record was a bomb.

In fact, some of Lady Gaga’s handlers allegedly kept referring to Christina as “Floptina,” a name celebrity blogger Perez Hilton was allegedly told to use. When the first single arrived in April of 2010, initial response was positive. However, there were many people who called into radio stations to insult the song. “This was obviously the work of some anti-Christina street team doing this and not regular listeners. They concentrated on big markets like Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City and Miami.”

The video for “Not Myself Tonight” didn’t help the single. But it wasn’t as bad as Perez Hilton and Akon (another factor in the Christina Aguilera backlash) made it out to be. Apparently, Akon (Lady Gaga’s friend) was telling everybody it was a ripoff of Madonna’s “Express Yourself.” This occurred even after Akon heard an early demo of “Born This Way,” which some say sounded more like the Madonna hit than the final version released in February of 2011.

“Perez Hilton was still angry at Christina Aguilera for making negative comments about his marketing partner Lady Gaga. He was out to get Christina from the very beginning. Unfortunately—then—Perez Hilton still had an influence on the music industry. Now, he is seen as an absolute joke and Lady Gaga’s career is going down faster than the atomic bomb. The fact that her album was practically given away for free proves this,” says a music industry insider.

Bionic was released on June 24, 2010 to mixed reviews. However, reviewers had already been told by music industry “insiders” (a.k.a. ‘friends’ of Lady Gaga) that the album was a flop. There was no way the album could have received objective reviews.

Program Director Jared Stelling believes the Christina Aguilera backlash was the absolute work of Lady Gaga and her friends. “You would not believe how the industry works and how much power one star has to bring another down. A couple years back, Mariah Carey hired a couple journalists to write negative things about Madonna and her tour. One of the writers worked for MSN and was fired when the truth came out. Luckily, that didn’t stop Madonna from selling tickets. Unfortunately, Christina couldn’t even launch a tour because of the backlash. It’s pretty pathetic. However, karma exists and right now, Lady Gaga is sinking faster than the Titanic.”

Source: The Examiner

Editors Note:
Reading this just pisses me the F**K off. Excuse my French. I seriously believe this is true. Ever since the beginning of the Bionic era we heard nothing but negative crap come from Lady Gaga's friends and confidants about 'Bionic' being a knockoff of Lady Gaga's sound. Then shortly after her pathetic monsters chimed in and tore 'Bionic' apart. They didn't give her a chance to prove that the songs in that album were amazing. But I wasn't surprised to find out that 'Bionic' was the 2nd most illegally downloaded album of 2010. Billboard named 'Bionic' album of the year. Leave it to delusional 'monsters' and their pathetic carbon copy Queen to ruin someones hardwork without facts. Karma's a bitch and she's coming for your wig... bitch.


  1. You're being just as "delusion" as those Little Monsters. If you believe this then you should probably also believe the rumour that Christina LOVED the Fame before this whole "war". If not, you're a hypocrite and only believe what you want to believe. Stop trying to bring this stupid war back.

  2. I don't care what nobody say bionic was a awesome album period point blank

  3. I'm listening to Bionic right now. That's all that matters. Christina is a genius.

  4. That's true and finally somebody has openly spoke about it. I hope Christina will comeback stronger than ever. And, well.. karma is karma. Christina will be on top again.

  5. Bionic was an amazing album. even though it wasn't number 1 for a thousand weeks and EVERYBODY pretty much bailed on it, to me it wasn't a "flop". christina did what she was supposed to do which was give her TRUE fans an amazing album that was nothing like the last. im sure christina could care less what perez or gaga or anybody has to say and we shouldnt either.

  6. LMFAO at the first we´re delusional and hypocrite?? my balls...It´s about time for the world to see what the hardcore fans saw in the very beginning of the Bionic era...the album was trashed even before any song leaked, so right when it came out there wasn´t a single objective review...I hope the new album brings new fans to Christina insted of the actually hypocrite traitors that abandoned her. BTW, i´m so happy i never left her for a single moment, she will always have my support.

  7. Did the person who posted the first comment even read the article??? For goodness sake this is 100% true! This is exactly what all us xtina fans knew for months and FINALLY a legitimate news source reported on it. I'm so glad it is finally coming to light! Bionic may not have been as well received or sold as much as xtinas previous albums but considering the recent decline in music sale it was NOT a flop and yes it was written off before it even leaked. Something suspicious was definitely going on and I'm delighted that the examiner has written about this. Finally a legitimate news source that isn't up gagas money grabbing ass and isn't afraid to say what the music industry is really like


  8. True Xtina fans already knew from the beginning that "Bionic" was sabotaged. When "You Lost Me" was released none of my local radio stations played the song not even the adult contemporary station. That is a very beautiful song and it didn't get any recognition. Hell, the "Bionic" album was great but because of the negativity no one wanted to listen to it. It's no surprise that stuff like this happens in the music industry nor any industry for that matter. If anybody remembers what Tonya Harding did to Nancy Kerrigan knows what I'm talking about.

  9. bionic is the best record so far from her. i'm listening to it every single day. that's all that matters.

  10. I think there is definitely something to this article. Lady Gaga's time will hopefully come to an end, she doesn't have talent, all she does it copies other people, her live vocals are nothing compared to Christina Aguilera's.

  11. I wouldn't put it past this bitch one bit. I'm not just saying this because I'm a devoted Christina fan but I honestly, and whole heartedly think that 'Bionic' is Christina's best album to date. Yes, you can argue that some of the songs on that album aren't up to par to what we have come to expect from Christina, but isn't that the point to being a great artist? Christina has always been one to change things up from one album to the next and I'm so grateful that she does. I love that with every new album we get a new side to Christina that we haven't been exposed to. As an outcome of her experimenting with new sounds and collaborating with different artists, she has broadened up our taste in music.

    I just get bored with artists that continue to release music that has a similar sound and feel to that of their last record or artist that decide to make music based on what's in during that period in time.

    Yes, Bionic was an album with electronic infused beats but it was done with a different feel from what other artists were/are doing.

    Christina will always have my support and my love.

    Long live the Queen of... well, Everything (in my eyes).

  12. Xtinas bionic was a awesome album that didn't get the credit it deserved !

    the industry really works like this and its said America follows the media and I totally believe this !

  13. "Source: The Examiner" Wow. Right there I am fucking done! THE EXAMINER!! What a reliable source! You are reaching so far with this theory! Seek help you delusional fans!

  14. Actually yes the examiner IS a reliable source. Anyone who knows anything about media will know that. What a dumbass.

  15. Really? Really? Really? Pathetic. I don't care. I love Bionic, that's all that is...

  16. yah karma truly is a bitch..maybe that's y she's kinda errelevant nowadays..i mean her videos suck and people are just tired of her! gaga sucks..u tranny looking whore! i knew it

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  18. Screw all the little morons! And fuck Lady GaGa! She's dead!

  19. let us not forget that BIONIC was the 2nd most illegal album in 2010. After reading comments that the album is not good etc and a flop constantly for all sites and press how can someone go and buy it? so everyone decided to download it for free i guess everyone was so curious to listen to it. if only those download were legal it could be No1

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