Thursday, August 4, 2011


Chicago’s B96 talked about my story about the conspiracy against Christina Aguilera’s album Bionic. Actually, the story has made news everywhere and I have received mostly positive feedback with many thanking me for exposing what has been going on in the music industry for years.

Rick Sanchez from Data Analytics contacted me yesterday and informed me that “Not Myself Tonight” received excellent call-out research results in April of 2010. “She had a higher rating than just about any song on the radio at that time. It was a guaranteed hit. But something happened. And I don’t think it was something very ethical.” Mr. Sanchez noted that within one week, the call-out research scores suddenly dropped and that never happens with a single. “Usually, a song gains call-out research points or loses points very slowly.”

Mr. Sanchez revealed that in the past, call-out research scores for songs such as “I Drove All Night” by Celine Dion and “It’s Like That” by Mariah Carey had been manipulated, but nobody knew until a couple years back. “Some people may not think this is important, but call-out research scores determine radio airplay.” So, why was Christina Aguilera’s song tampered with?

“I have absolutely no direct proof, but definitely believe this is the work of Lady Gaga and her team. You would have no idea how much power Lady Gaga has (or had) in the industry. Many people I know refer to Lady Gaga as the Tanya Harding of the music industry. I hope I am wrong because I would like to think that nobody could be that vile.”

Source: The Examiner


  1. I´m so glad the truth is finally coming think I had given a chance to the copycat by listening one of her new sh!tty´s going to be a right away delete...My Queentina doesn´t deserve all that negativity around her amazing work...i´m disgusted and pissed off. For what it´s worth, I will never abandon my favorite singer.

  2. im so glad i never abandon my fave artist from the very first time. lady gaga, akon, her team and her fucking perez hilton could go to hell for what they did.

  3. anyway bionic is one of the best albums of her.i hate lady gaga anyway and much more youuuu christina