Friday, July 15, 2011


We as fans, can't really ask for anything else from Christina Maria Aguilera. In ONE year, she has released a full LP, Bionic, a ball of bright bursting energy that truly is the greatest album of 2010 no matter what haters have to say about it. She stepped into new artistic territory with her very first feature film, Burlesque, in which she acted her ass off in a debut film. The crossover artists are few when it comes to achieving the kind of success she has in crossing over from singer to silver screen siren. Not to mention the Burlesque soundtrack in which Christina herself had executive producing rights to which gave us 8 more songs/videography from that alone. She has endured personal hardships, and has really come out the better person, striving for inner peace and happiness, and is ready to share her setbacks and triumphs with the entire world...mesmerizing. She is apart of a #1 television show, The Voice, in which she was placed at the forefront of all the promo, doing countless interviews, appearances, and has gained an audience of 12 million + people tuning in each week. She's everywhere. Late Night programs, magazine covers, real unscripted interviews where she's speaking from the heart, a hot new collaboration with Maroon 5. People everywhere are talking about her! We've got to see amazing live performances singing Gnarls Barkley, Queen, her own classics, not to mention the intense coaching snippets we've seen of her attacking songs and teaching her techniques to her apprentices. Speaking of, we've had the wonderful opportunity to see a whole new side to Christina. Her playfulness, her editing eye in regards to vocal gymnastics, her camaraderie with the other 'Voice' coaches, her feisty fiery side, her determination, her emotional investments about her passions, we are TRULY lucky to follow someone so perfectly flawed. What's to come you ask? A new music video for 'Moves Like Jagger' Season 2 of 'The Voice' a new album... astonishing. Thank you Christina! You truly are a godsend inspiration. You're human after all, and that's what we love and respect about you. You're your own person for better or worse. No matter what you're faced with, you get right back up and set an example for us all.

Your Fans xoxo


  1. Wow, who wrote this??? this is what us hardcore fans think. I´m really proud of her and though i´m an open minded person who listens to other singers and genres, i always come back to the greatest for me, the person that inspires me and moves me with her talent, beauty and humanity. Thank you to the Aguileraonline creators too!!! you are beyond awesome