Thursday, June 30, 2011


Last night one of my rock n' roll dreams came true. There I was, lil' old me, standing in my tiny space waiting to interview the winner of NBC's The Voice Javier, and runner up Dia. I looked up and Stevie Nicks was standing in front of my face in all her black clothed gypsy perfection. I was speechless because directly beside her was Adam Levine. Adam had some really skinny jeans on. Just saying. Basically, I turned into the super nerd + music fan that I really am, instead of the super cool Buzznet camera girl I should have been!

I had an amazing time. Xtina and Beverly stopped by to talk about their vision of beauty. Ryan Tedder from One Republic wore white jeans. My favorite Nakia came by to laugh with me and dance around.

Source: Buzznet

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