Friday, June 17, 2011


I love watching Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine bicker, I completely believe their tension, and I’m also excited to hear their new song which will premiere on ‘The Voice’ next week!

Last night Adam Levine didn’t play into Christina Aguilera‘s teasing on The Voice and I have to admit: I kind of missed their banter! Simon Cowell often poked fun at Paula Abdul on American Idol, but I didn’t find their tension nearly as interesting as that of Christina and Adam’s. The latter have so much on-screen chemistry, Rolling Stone magazine reporter asked if they’d hooked up a long time ago!

“I just met her a couple of days before we started shooting! I don’t know where it comes from. We just bicker like brother and sister, and part of it is fabricated by the television gods. But she’s great. I respect the s**t out of her. She’s going through a tough time, and God bless her. This show is great for her. But if she busts my balls, I’ll bust hers,” Adam told the magazine.

This past Monday, Adam discussed their banter again while on The Tonight Show. “What are you trying to do?” He asked Jay Leno when Leno pressed the issue. “She’s fine,” Adam declared, reiterating that it is just played up for the cameras.

I do believe that it is hyped up for the show, but I think there is some truth to their fun-loving tension … and I love it! And it’s not just because I have a ridiculous crush on Adam Levine (and not-so-secretly wish he would banter with moi) nor is it because I think Team Adam has a strong chance of winning the entire competition, which I do. (Sorry Christina… but Javier Colon and Jeff Jenkins are incredible). It’s also that Adam and Christina have such different styles in everything they do — in their music, in their coaching methods, in their choreography of their contestants’ songs. Christina made everything a show for each of her girls last week, where as Adam kept it toned down and simple, focusing on the vocal chords.

Christina insists that she and Adam “have a great relationship” calling it “a big lovefest”. More proof that the two can work together? They recorded a song together, along with Adam’s band, Maroon 5, called “Moves with Jagger” and it is premiering on next week’s episode of The Voice! I think it’d be amazing to see them sing together, do you agree?

And what do you think of their bickering?


Source: Hollywood Life

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