Wednesday, June 8, 2011


If you ever wondered what it was like to be a lucky TV reporter who gets to hang out at live tapings for reality competitions like, say, NBC's "The Voice," let us tell you.

Zap2it was there for the first-ever live show on Tuesday (June 7) and beyond the novelty of being there for that inaugural evening and hanging out with our media pals, it ended up being a five or six hour experience of sitting in a hot, packed room, sweating continually, and climbing over one another whenever food or drink presented itself.

So, what does a room full of press do while sitting in a sweatbox for six hours? We pontificate, we snark, we dish.

Here are 10 things we said and heard in the pressroom during the live event:
1.) Mad Burnett? Rumors spread that executive producer Mark Burnett wasn't happy leading up to the show. He was seen yelling at show employees before he stomped off to fetch coach Christina Aguilera from her trailer. While it was tough for us to hear the vocals while in the pressroom, we did watch the aired version later. And Mr. Burnett, whatever was making you frustrated didn't appear on-screen. Calm thyself.

2.) Mostly live: Yes, it was mostly live (as coach Adam Levine's S-bomb proved), but the judges pre-taped their Queen medley right before the show went live. We don't blame them. After all, they're not competing. As for the actual performers, we can vouch for all of them -- that was live.

3.) Adam Levine is a golden god: Didn't Levine look right at home kicking off that Queen number? He was definitely feelin' himself. We can only imagine what the home audience felt about the Maroon 5 front man, but in the pressroom Levine had the gals (and some of the guys) at "Mama just killed a man."

4.) Blind item: We've wondered in other articles if a certain competitor wants fame more than a singing career. After all, there are better singers in the competition and he or she seems to be campaigning on the "whole package" ticket. But... we hear this performer may just be trying to please his or her very exuberant stage mom.

5.) Blind item: This now-eliminated competitor admitted that his or her crush on a performer who is still in the competition is indeed for real and wasn't just for TV.

6.) "Mime" dancing: You all saw coach Blake Shelton make fun of the "mimes" that were dancing during Lisa Elise's performance. What you didn't see on TV is Blake getting up during the commercial break and mimicking them by running his hands up an invisible wall.

7.) Xtina's lost some lbs? On our monitors, it seemed as if Aguilera had dropped some weight since the battle rounds. A person close to the production told us that could have just been accomplished with a very flattering camera angle. Dang!

8.) Cee Lo's "pornstache": Cee Lo Green was trying something new by appearing without glasses, but what really had the room buzzing was that strange hairy lip he was sporting -- the pressroom dubbed it the "pornstache."

9.) Team Christina's group performance scared us: Again, we had a hard time hearing the vocals in the pressroom, so basically Team Christina's group performance of "Lady Marmalade" just came off like five women trying to top one another. It comes off better in the aired version of the show, but we're still reeling from what looked to us like a diva battle nobody won.

10.) Host with the most? There was some disagreement over Carson Daly's hosting style. While some of us appreciate his anti-Ryan Seacrest take on the gig, others believed he could try to express more enthusiasm. Some even felt that he comes off as if he's reading cue cards. Um, harsh (but true) much?
Source: ZAP2IT

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