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This is what we love about attending The Voice every week: The fans. We know that sounds corny, but we really do. Here you have a group of journalists watching a show live and seeing some very talented current and possibly future music stars and we have to admit that we can get jaded. At The Voice, the live audience makes that tough to do.

So, here’s a huge thank you to the fans with their “Team [fill in your favorite]” t-shirts, their awesome coordinated group yells of “I love you, [fill in your beloved coach or performer]” even when the audience warm-up guy asks that they not do that.

Thanks for reminding us to have fun, especially when we ask you how long you’ve been at the studio and they say, “Four hours. But, it was great!” Because, really, it is.
But, let’s get to what you really came here for: Here are 10 secrets that you didn’t see on television.
1. Time waits for no one, but… The Voice. The audience is asked to arrive at 4 p.m. to load into the studio. So, basically, they sit for four hours for a two-hour show. But as we mentioned above, they don’t seem to mind.

2. The warm-up guy was not in a good mood. We bag on the audience warm-up guy every week, but this week we felt kind of bad for him. Just kind of. He seemed very frustrated about audience members who weren‘t participating (which means acting the fool whenever he needs you to). On the other hand, we stopped feeling so bad for him when he started bagging on last week’s audience and then asked the people yelling that they love so and so to stop it. Does he want excited fans or not? He can’t have it both ways.

3. Brad and Blake take two. We can’t stress enough that “live” shows pre-tape segments a lot. We’re sure it relieves some of the stress of timing the show. And in Brad Paisley’s case, why have him stick around for two hours if he doesn’t have to? Paisley and coach Blake Shelton shot their performance twice before the live show started. Later, the coaches also pre-taped their group Queen number. Again, no judgment. By the way, the coaches take full advantage of when the pre-taped segments play: They get their makeup touched up, but many times they’re on their cell phones. Probably tweeting…

4. Cee Lo flashes the audience. First, are you still reeling from Cee Lo Green’s oriental-style red robe outfit? Our grandma covets that robe. To be quite honest, we’re OK with, even a bit appreciative of, him having a some fun with his wardrobe. One memorable moment was when he walked out for his audience intro and he flashed us. He was dressed underneath it, people!

5. Time waits for no one, but The Voice and… Christina Aguilera. Aguilera is always last to join the other coaches for the opening of the show. They all seem to be able to sit in their chairs and mess around with each other with plenty of time to spare. Aguilera, on the other hand, loves to run in as the last minute ticks away. She must give the show’s director at least a couple panic attacks each week. We figure a girl needs more prep time.

6. About 400 people glowing in three minutes. Remember how the audience held glow sticks during Pitbull and Ne-Yo’s performance? The Voice’s production team had to pass out about 400 glow sticks in about three minutes during the preceding commercial break. Can you imagine? Trying to get the mashed potatoes down the table at Thanksgiving takes longer than three minutes. Kudos to the show’s production team.

7. The warm-up guy mentions Rihanna’s tour to Cee Lo. Awkward. Two items about the audience warm-up guy (Someday, we’ll ask what his name is)? This is his lucky week! During a break, he made small talk with the coaches. At one point, he asked Cee Lo if he needed to get over to the Rihanna concert right after the show. Um, hello, he dropped out of the tour last week. Cee Lo took it in stride and simply said something to the affect of “due to certain circumstances he wasn’t doing the tour anymore.” Oops. Google is our friend, warm up guy.

8. Adam asked us to go out with him. Yeah right. During that same mingling session as above, Adam took a moment to compliment the competitors saying, “We have some really talented performers.” He then ended with “Let’s get drunk!”

9. Pitbull's junk in the trunk dancers had Cee Lo at hello. We loved that Pitbull’s dancers had curves and then some. What we loved even more was watching the "Lady Killa," Cee Lo reach out to them longingly through out the performance. Down, Cee Lo, down.

10. The obligatory Carson Daly observation. The host was in a generally good mood during the show taping. Usually, he’s pretty calm, sometimes too calm. On Tuesday, he was loving life. And you know what else he loved? Paisley and Shelton’s performance. Did we really just watch Carson do a country jig? Why yes we did.
Watch the coaches' group number below.
Source: HollywoodReporter

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