Tuesday, June 7, 2011


16. Tori & Taylor Thompson
Team Cee Lo
Placing these perky sisters last feels a little like kicking a puppy in the face. Regardless, the harsh truth is that while their harmonies are nice, neither Tori nor Taylor alone has a particularly strong voice.
15. Jared Blake
Team Blake
When this cuddly, cheesy rocker opens his mouth, every word he sings just sounds like ''bland'' to me.
14. Curtis Grimes
Team Cee Lo
Country-fried Curtis is fine, I guess — but just ''fine'' isn't going to cut it in this competition, no matter how many duet partners you smooch onstage.
13. Xenia Martinez
Team Blake
This shy high schooler's smoky tone definitely makes her unique, but Xenia's limited range keeps her from being a serious contender.
12. Lily Elise
Team Christina
Sure, girl's got strut, but confidence can't compensate for a tendency to try too hard. If Lily dials it back a bit, she might move up in the rankings.
11. Dia Frampton
Team Blake
Gentle Dia gets props for staying true to herself. However, the indie darling also has the opposite problem that Lily has — so far, she's been a little too understated.
10. Devon Barley
Team Adam
In his ''Creep'' duet, Chicken Little proved that he's more than a mini Jason Mraz. Here's hoping he continues to stretch himself during the live shows.
9. Raquel Castro
Team Christina
How does all that voice fit into that itty bitty body? Maybe the former child star stores some of her talent in her shiny, shiny hair.
8. Frenchie Davis
Team Christina
The Voice's most notorious contestant can belt with the best of 'em. But Frenchie's also got some stiff competition, especially from another bald, big-voiced member of Team Christina...
7. Beverly McClellan
Team Christina
This jovial cueball has passion and enthusiasm to spare — and her vocals ain't so bad either, as long as she keeps herself from crossing the border between singing and screaming.
6. Nakia
Team Cee Lo
Nakia's robust growl is so powerful that the guy doesn't even need a last name.
5. Casey Weston
Team Adam
If Casey can keep her vibrato from sounding too goaty, her folksy voice — which Blake called ''addictive'' — could take her all the way.
4. Patrick Thomas
Team Blake
His deep, smooth rendition of ''Burning Love'' gave Elvis a run for his money. And that killer smile doesn't hurt, either.
3. Javier Colon
Team Adam
Yes, Javier has had more professional experience than most of the other contestants. But he's been successful for a reason: As Cee Lo would say, the man can sang.
2. Vicci Martinez
Team Cee Lo
Vicci's explosive duet with Niki Dawson was, unquestionably, the highlight of the battle rounds. And her intense, raw vocals have also made her the best female vocalist on The Voice — so far, anyway.
1. Jeff Jenkins
Team Adam
Soulful Jeff hasn't made a single misstep yet, from his blind audition — he was one of only two singers who prompted all four coaches to turn around — to his masterful performance of ''Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me.'' That means as of now, Team Adam's babyfaced standout is the vocalist to beat.
Credits: IMetXtina
Source: EW

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