Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Christina Aguilera may need to take some lessons from Jennifer Lopez.

While "Idol's" Lopez has used her time on her hit singing competition show to transform her diva reputation to that of a supportive softie, Aguilera appears to be going in another direction.

The "Voice's" celebrity coach is coming across as a tad rude in her dealings with fellow judges as she talks over them, makes wisecracks and gets in a few eye rolls here and there at the expense of her male, fellow judges Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton.“I'm getting one-two punched over here," Aguilera told CNN. "And it's like, 'hold on boys quiet in the classroom!'..The boys got mouths on them so I got to keep them in line!”

And while Shelton appeared to allow his team to shine Tuesday night during their performance of Maroon 5's "This Love," CNN's K.J. Matthews points out in her recap that "Team Christina seemed to be locked in a battle of its own between Beverly McClellan, Frenchie Davis and Christina herself, with all three of them bringing their A game and hitting those hard to reach notes."

Entertainment Weekly took the petite singer to task for repeatedly saying she wants hunky contestant Patrick Thomas to take off his pants.

"Who does Christina Aguilera think she is, Bruno Tonioli?" EW asked, referring to the "Dancing With the Stars" judge known for his passionate critiques. "'The Voice' judge can’t seem to hold back the risque comments."

Count Shelton's wife, country star Miranda Lambert, as one who seems not to be digging Aguilera's schtick.

Pop 2 It reports that after XTina tweeted, "Was Blake just about to make out w/Adam as he sang that song into his eyes?" Lambert responded via Twitter, "wow. Calling all males: Please relieve Christina of her obvious Frustration before things get... ugly. Team Blake rocks:)."

Ouch. But before any Aguilera fans go after Lambert, the singer tweeted a clarification: "No one said anything mean about your girl xtina. Just cheering for my hubby... every competion needs a good cheerleader."

Source: CNN


  1. The video completely contradicts the article.

    Funny how they don't have articles questioning whether male judges on other reality shows are too "abrasive." And I love the fact that don't mention that Blake and Adam are always starting with Xtina.

  2. Uh know what sucks?
    That guys just can't let off Christina. She is a great singer, why can't you stop criticising her?
    Adam and Christina get along very well with each other, they also recorded a song together.
    And even Blake & Xtina love each other, they get along very well, the teasing is like brother-sister teasing.