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Babies! Waterworks! Cee Lo's hair piece! The second live episode of The Voice played host to a range of emotions as rivalries deepened and two of the coaches had to make the tough decision of who to keep and who to cut.

TVGuide.com was on the set for the good, the sad and the outrageous behind-the-scenes moments. Find out the creative process behind those critiques, what the coaches really thought about the Thompson sisters' performance, and Adam and Christina's new collaboration!
1.) Adam and X-Tina making sweet, sweet music together? Get your mind out of the gutter! They are making music together, literally. An hour before Tuesday's show, Adam revealed that he and Christina were working on a duet that would be released very, very soon. Does that mean their rivalry is fake? Uh, think again. She "treats me like a human punching bag," Adam told reporters. Well, clearly, someone likes that kind of thing! No judgment, Adam.

2.) Take your kids to work day. Or, at least, it looked that way backstage. The Voice host Carson Daly was cradling and making goo-goo faces at an adorable little one minutes before filming began. Could it be Jackson, his son with girlfriend Siri Pinter, and an uberpopular topic on Carson's radio show?

3.) Late to the party. After Carson introduced Blake, Cee Lo and Adam to the crowd minutes before showtime, X-Tina was MIA. When she did turn up with two minutes to air, she didn't make like her fellow coaches and greet the audience. She rushed to her seat without so much as a smile or wave to the cheering crowd. Voice executive producer Mark Burnett, her biggest fan, rushed over to try and make sure the little lady put Ms. Sourpuss away before cameras rolled. Maybe Christina was just getting mentally prepared to watch two of her team members — Raquel and Lily — go home. Her tears came fast and furious.

4.) Dirty talk and tears? A+! After two members of Team X-Tina were eliminated, Carson went over to a tear-streaked Christina and said "Great!" several times. This girl can do no wrong in the eyes of the folks who keep The Voice running.

5.) Honest thoughts on Cee Lo's Thompson sisters, please? Adam may have called the pair's hokey vaudeville act, er, performance of "The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" "good old-fashioned entertainment" and "amazing" during the telecast, but he was still as a stone during it. Blake, on the other hand, was bopping along, tapping his feet and actually enjoying it. Even if you're a coach, and not a judge, Adam, you can hate where appropriate.

6.) Mark Burnett likes Cee Lo, too! X-Tina gets a lot of attention between breaks, but Mark happily held Cee Lo's personal electric fan while the glam squad buffed and polished him. All the coaches are his favorite!

7.) Separated at birth? Or do Devon and Carson just share a stylist? Head-to-head, Devon's mom, seated four rows behind Adam's chair, would probably pick her son as the better wearer of the black-leather-jacket-with-a-tie ensemble. Mama Devon — and if she wasn't his mom, then she's his biggest fan ever — was spotted moving and shaking along to his performance of One Republic's "Stop and Stare" like she was at a Grateful Dead concert.

8.) Who enjoyed Cee Lo's faux fro the most? Hard to say. I was busy being mesmerized during the spa day segment — the robes! his necklace! the smack talk! — but the audience cracked up when fantastic Cee Lo rolled onto the darkened stage with that wig. Adam was nearly out of his seat laughing, and, during the commercial break, he was the only judge to give his seat neighbor a crushing bear hug for a job well done. Adam sure does love his bromances, doesn't he?

9.) These critiques don't write themselves. The coaches are all given paper and pens to take notes during the performances, but only Christina uses them. (She was even scribbling away before Team Adam appeared on stage to perform "With a Little Help from My Friends.") "You really made it your own" happens spontaneously? We kid, we kid, because...

10.) Just us? Or did Christina's rambling if heartfelt goodbye to half her team force producers to nix much of last week's incessant cutting away to the social media command center anchored by the energetic Alison Haislip? That's fine so long as it means more uncensored Christina.

11.) Christina is on Team X-Tina, too. Christina's hair and makeup team premiered a line of Team X-Tina t-shirts this week. They're black with orange and yellow lettering. Viewers haven't gotten to see them yet, but the singer told the audience that they would soon be available on her official website. After the show, she was spotted wearing one, sleeves rolled up, over her aqua Gucci dress while she chatted with her entourage on the Warner Bros. lot.
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Source: TV Guide

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