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“The people we’re not turning around our chairs for, could win American Idol,” says Adam Levine as great talent gets eliminated on tonight’s The Voice

The Voice‘s second episode was just as addicting as the first, and this one made my eyes water quite a bit. As things got down to the wire and Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Cee Lo and Blake Shelton had to pick the final singers that would make their team, they also brought out their critical sides. But were they too picky?

Well, considering Carson Daly (who still seems a little fake for my taste) had to bring out previously eliminated singers to belt out a new tune for the coaches, I think the answer is yes.

The coaches realized they were being too harsh and Adam even said “The people we’re not turning around our chairs for, could win American Idol.” (Hear that Simon Fuller?) Christina told Lily Elise she thinks she may have made a mistake, although she rectified it when choosing the young gal for her team in the “shootout” round where the eliminated contestants were given a second chance. Did anyone else feel that maybe Adam didn’t get the people he belonged with because he was too picky in the beginning?

A more positive, and perfectly heartwarming moment of the night was when Raquel Castro, 16, sang “Bleeding Love” in front of her idol Christina Aguilera and lo and behold — Christina turned around! Raquel’s mom started crying, and as much as my cynical self hates to admit it, I teared up as well. As I said last week, it is touching to see how Christina affects these singers.

More highlights and observations:
  • Did you think Blake Shelton was being too harsh on the contestants that sang either his song or his fiancee Miranda Lambert’s songs? Or was he correct in his criticism?
  • “Let me get that name for you. You dropped it.” Ever the comedian, Adam gave Cee Lo a bit of a ribbing when he name-dropped Pink to contestant Emily Valentine, who sang “Sober”. Christina thought she was “pitchy” but Emily passed and chose Cee Lo over Blake. Sidenote: these coaches went head to head a few times this week.
  • Adam was in for a surprise when he quickly turned for Tim Mahoney’s “Bring It On Home To Me.” “I thought you were a girl,” Adam told Tim. He softened the awkward blow by saying he’s heard that about his own voice.
  • Nakia sang “Forget You” and Cee Lo turned around to see the “brave individual” with the “good taste in music.” Blake also pressed his button, although Nakia ended up with Cee Lo. Not shocking to say the least. Nakia gave Christina a bit of ‘tude when she told him she thought he had “balls” (“Can I say that on NBC?” she asked before saying it twice) but said his aggressiveness took her by surprise. “Your loss,” he shrugged.
  • Pig farmer sisters Tori and Taylor Thompson were a bit too adorable for my taste, but that may just be because “Stuck Like Glue” as a song choice was a little too over-the-top. And maybe I was still embarrassed for my Raquel Castro tears. But Adam said he wishes they could sing to him when he was sad and Christina said they sound like a “great bubble gum commercial.” (Christina sometimes gets the backhanded compliments so right on the money). The girls are on Team Cee Lo.
  • Finally, I think they made a mistake letting Sonia Rao go. She sang “Chasing Pavements” and although Blake almost pushed the button he refrained and both he and Adam were disappointed when they saw Sonia leave the stage after saying it “hurts just as much the second time.”
What did you think of tonight’s episode? Did you have any favorite contestants? Anybody you wish had stayed on? Anybody you wish had gone to a different team? Let us know in your comments!

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