Tuesday, May 10, 2011


We caught up with international pop star Christina Aguilera to find out how what she thinks about her new gig as a judge on NBC's hit singing competition The Voice! Rumor has it that things get a little heated on tonight's episode when Christina's team members Frenchie Davis and Tarralyn Ramsey battle it out. The Voice V-Correspondent Alison Haislip spilled the beans during a recent conference call with reporters, saying. “Christina at one point basically became a couple’s therapist.” Noting her surprise that Aguilera refused to call in producers to help, Haislip added, ”She owned it and talked these two people through their issues.” Hey, if anyone can wrangle divas, it's Xtina.

Here's what Aguilera had to say about her experience so far on The Voice:

Being on TV every week must give you a chance to do fun things with your hair and make-up. In what ways can we expect to see you play with your style?
That is the part of the business that us girls love! It is like playing dress up every day of the week. For this show because of the hours and the work we put in mentoring we can’t play as much as we would on say a music video or an album look but it is still fun. The one thing that stinks is it takes the boys about 10 minutes to get ready compared to me.
Disappointment and rejection are a normal part of this business. How do you draw on some of your tougher personal experiences as an artist to mentor the contestants?
That was one of the very reasons I took this show on. I really felt like I wanted a connection with artists just starting out. For me to be a mentor to someone else was so appealing. It isn’t everyday you get the chance to work with someone that can say, “I have been there, I can relate.” That type of advice that me, Adam, Cee Lo and Blake can share is really special.
You must have some great wisdom since you’ve been famous since you were a child. What advice are you going to give your younger singers like 16-year-old Raquel Castro?
I love having some of the younger artists on my team. I see parts of me in each member and I do feel when I tell them I have been there they believe me. it is a wonderful connection to have.
Why was the blind audition aspect for the show so important to you when deciding whether or not to do The Voice?
The blind audition is a concept that really appealed to me and it really makes the show unique. It allows us to pick our teams based on the VOICE only and it really made all the difference.
How does it feel to be back doing TV as an adult, and what do you love about it that’s different from doing movies? Did the fact that it was reality TV appeal to you more than scripted TV, and would you be open to doing more scripted stuff?
This was the first time since Mickey Mouse that I have been back on TV on a regular basis. I really love it. Obviously music is my first passion and I did enjoy working on film, but TV brings an element of something personal. People are inviting us into their homes every week. It has a more intimate feel.
Source: LatinaMagazine

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