Tuesday, May 3, 2011


The Voice attracted 11.8 million in a strong debut last week as Christina Aguilera, Maroon 5's Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton started picking singers in a blind audition to form teams of eight.

"We definitely fight for certain contestants," Aguilera said recently. "If [we] turn our chairs around at the same time, then we become on the hot seat. And there has been some pretty heated debates about who gets the person on their team. It's pretty addicting thus far!"

After some nail-biting auditions landed each coach with three singers, the four complete their teams Tuesday night.

As executive producer Mark Burnett tells PEOPLE, "They are all competitive and this show is like the singing version of the NBA Draft if you gave the players the power to choose their teams. Once Christina, Cee Lo, Adam or Blake press that button and turn their chair to indicate, 'Hey, I want you on my team,' but more than one turns around, the power shifts to the singer."

Next week, the coaches will tap their friends to help prep their teams for vocal battles.

Aguilera will bring aboard singer-songwriter Sia Furler; Green will consult with singer Monica; Shelton will have his pal Reba McEntire; and Levine will enlist Maroon 5's music director, Adam Blackstone. After four weeks of battles, the teams will then vie live for public votes.

Until then, it’s all friendly competition.

"You've got these misbehaving boy coaches in Cee Lo, Adam and Blake," Burnett says, "and Christina is the voice of reason. It's a great dynamic."

But Aguilera says, despite the competition, it's all in good fun. "I think I have bring a prop or something on set because they need a few slaps on the hand a few times," she said. "They keep me laughing a lot! I feel like a schoolteacher in a classroom full of naughty boys."

Source: People

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