Monday, April 25, 2011


In a new interview with USA Today, Christina Aguilera has revealed some details about her next album. The magazine reports that because of the show shooting in Los Angeles, it has allowed Xtina to stay with her son as well record new music. She has a recording studio in her house so this would make her work even easier. Check out why we may have seen the last of the diva’s infamous “I’m not cocky, I just love myself bitch!” line from her song “Vanity,” and what we can expect for her 5th English album.

KIIS FM in Los Angeles had already reported on their morning show, heard by a dedicated Xtina Stan, that Christina was in the studio recording. Now the singer’s gone and revealed a few details about the album herself.

First, she’s divulged a little about her new attitude in the midst of some personal and professional disappointments:
The last year has probably, with the divorce and considering everything that’s gone on, has humbled me a little bit, she says with a laugh.
Which is probably why we’re seeing a humbled Christina on the new promos for ‘The Voice’ hitting our screens on Tuesday. While I expect her confident and fearless attitude to always be prominent on the record, I feel we won’t be hearing such an indulgent odes to her woohoo anytime soon.

In terms of the actual material on the record, the article said:
The show films in Los Angeles and has allowed Aguilera to stay near her son, Max, 3, and record her new album. The next release, Aguilera says, will focus on her personal evolution.

For this one, I really want to make a real rooted, heartfelt record. After someone goes through the things that I have, regarding a divorce, there’s a lot of emotions that are stirred.
Christina created her greatest record (in my opinion) Stripped when she was “depressed,” as frequent collaborator Linda Perry pointed out and made some incredibly relatable music at that point. I have a feeling Christina is sticking with the close team including Perry, and Sia at this point getting those emotions out of her. I have a feeling this record’s going to be really good, we’ve put her up to the challenge.

It’ll be interesting to see what direction she takes. While in the processes of creating Bionic and Back To Basics Christina was giving early interviews about the concepts she had for each album. It seems like this 5th album won’t be conceptual but instead just honest music which I think is always a great angle. I’m excited and hopefully it comes sooner than we expect as Xtina’s taken typically almost 4 years between records usually.

Are you excited for a new Christina Aguilera record? What do you think about these details so far? Tell me in the comments! I always respond.

Source: USA Today
Credit: Multidimensional Music Blog


  1. I feel like a new great piece of art is coming.... Stripped was a very personal record... and we can expect magic from her after all she's been trough this last year!

    There's a huge and important reason why I am a fan of her's... and she never let me down in every single album she remind me all the magic inside those lyrics, the feelings that involve the whole interpretation and how she execute her talent.

    She is a LEGEND.

  2. I couldn't of said it any better.
    Great choice of words.

    As Christina continues to grow we continue to grow. There isn't anything that this woman can do wrong.


  3. while she makes that, I hope she'll do a little Bionic after The Voice. I still want moren - badly.

  4. This is all very exciting but I hope she does not give up on Bionic. Its a great album! Also, I hope she goes on tour this year...I love my Prima Donna and to me, she will always be a legend :D

  5. I can't wait!! I've loved everything Christina has put out. But I'm glad to hear she's getting back to Perry, and Sia.
    Love the two of them working with Xtina!

  6. she's great when it comes to making music....i guess it won't take 4 years since she's not touring and she's not having another baby..remember stripped was created in the beginning of 2002 and was released the same year

  7. EVERYTHING THIS WOMAN DOES IS LEGEND. Can't wait. Loving her so much :) No one else.

  8. Ive been waiting for old music to come, i like the fact that christina makes music to relate to. Her voice is incredible and is brings feelings and emotions, and you cant actually here voices coming out when she sings. She sings with power. Her songs like hurt, voice within, beautful, bound to you you can relate to and you feel the same feeling in her voice. I hope that this next album she releases is similiar to those songs, i love the old christina aguilera not that her being new is bad because its good asswell but jus the power she puts in her songs and the voice that makes you believe is what i wanna hearrrr <3.