Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Christina Aguilera's divorce is final. Her boyfriend Matthew Rutler won't be charged with a DUI after his alcohol-related arrest last month. Plus, the singer with the pipes of steel is starring in NBC's heavily hyped singing competition The Voice, which premieres next Tuesday and features Aguilera as one of four celebrity vocal coaches.

"I've never done television before. I don't watch a lot of it. I can't even say that I've actually seen a full episode of the other musical shows that are out there such as American Idol," Aguilera tells USA TODAY's Donna Freydkin.

As for her messy personal life, which has kept the weeklies busy over the past year, Aguilera says she's doing great – all those stories of partying notwithstanding.

"I don't read tabloids. I try to keep a very good distance from that stuff. I'm just living my life. People go through divorces and ups and downs. I'm having to do it in the spotlight. Some people do make mistakes. I'm an honest person, and I'm very honest with myself in seeing if there are things that I need to change about my life, or if there are things I need to do stepping forward. That's in part why I got the divorce in the first place. It's a new beginning for me. It's all positivity for me. I've been through some hard things, but I'm on the up and up. It feels good," says Aguilera.

And she says she's able to laugh at herself and her foibles, including flubbing the national anthem at the Super Bowl and stumbling on stage at the Grammys. "As a performer, sometimes there are mishaps that happen. I have a fighting spirit. I get back up there and rise above it. I prove to myself that I'm stronger than just to let things take over me, and take over my head space. I fight through it and I learn."

Source: USAToday

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