Monday, April 4, 2011


Don’t expect Christina Aguilera to shy away from questions about her public pitfalls or alleged rivalry between Britney Spears, as she sets the record straight on her “old friend” — and growing from her mistakes.

In a press call this morning, Christina elaborated on her recent shout out to Brit, in which she tweeted support for Femme Fetale:
“At this point in the game, I think it’s important to show support … especially for female artists.”
She went on to say the two are “old friends” going way back to their Mickey Mouse Club days.

Christina also had kind words for Jennifer Hudson recently, tweeting:
“How incredible does @IAMJHUD look and have you checked out her album? Yes GIRL!”
When asked about her own ups and downs (such as her detainment for public intoxication), she expressed how her positive outlook will help contestants on her new show, The Voice, by saying that everybody can learn from their mistakes — and pass that knowledge on to others.

It seems fitting then, that she’s one of four judge slash mentors on NBC’s upcoming singing contest. Not only are the judges on hand to pick new talent, they they’re also tasked with personally guiding them through the process. She is teamed with Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Cee-Lo Green — who, it was revealed today — will all also perform a number together on the show.

Christina also explained how The Voice differs from American Idol and other televised singing contests by revealing that they do not actually see the contestants the first time they sing. The selection process is based solely on their singing voice. Only after the judges have heard them perform do they decide if their talent is worthy of moving on in a blind vote.

The Voice debuts April 26 on NBC.

Source: Celebuzz

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