Tuesday, April 26, 2011


What does each coach bring to the table?

We got Christina Aguilera who's the voice of the generation and one of the best female artists and singers of all time, hands down. She's got a fiery spirit and is the only female you know who loves all sorts of music. She's great with her team. She'd be a great choice for any artist.
Having worked at MTV, you've known Christina Aguilera since she was a teenager. In what ways is she the same and in what ways is she different from when you first met her?

Oh my God! I think the world of her. I've been very clear about that. I think she is the, when they mentioned this show, the voice. To me, she is the voice of the generation. I think you can't have a female coach without having her. She's a woman now. It's great to see her. You know, I haven't seen her in a little while in the last, you know, so many years since the TRL days. When I knew her then, she was a fiery young songbird. She was a little girl with big pipes and now she is a, now she's a woman and a mother and she's mama bear and she just, she owns it and she's really confident in her voice and her business. It's like she's in her prime right now. It's been awesome to work with her again recently and get to know her. She's so great in this show. Any reservation or any sort of trepidation that somebody would have had about how incredible she is in this show. She goes all in to try and help her team.
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