Monday, March 28, 2011


G4's Alison Haislip has a new show to attack: The self-professed "bad ass tech geek" will serve as the backstage online and social media host for NBC's new talent contest The Voice.

Haislip will juggle her day job on G4's Attack of the Show in order to bring some social media cred to The Voice. Not only will she be the online face to the show (a tech counterpart to series host Carson Daly), but she'll be occasionally be seen on The Voice, stationed off stage (in "The V-Room") to chat with the show's contestants and coaches via Twitter, Facebook and the show's website. NBC was set to launch the site live on Monday morning.

Haislip's personal Twitter feed (@alisonhaislip) will also double as her official Twitter account for The Voice. And the show's coaches — Christina Aguilera (@TheRealXtina), Cee Lo Green (@CeeLoGreen), Adam Levine (@adamlevine) and Blake Shelton (@blakeshelton) — will also interact with fans during the show and take viewer reactions into account when making their decisions.

"We know we can't fake it," Haislip says of the show's social media component. "As someone well-versed in social media, I know they can't stick any face up there. It's important for people to realize that I'm the one talking to them, it's not like NBC will be telling me what to say."

Haislip admits that her 70,000 Twitter followers will have to adjust to all her talk about The Voice — but that she's not concerned about NBC having any real control over her account.

"They haven't said anything I can't do," she says. "This will be my own take on the show."

The Voice's use of social media will also extend to the show's contestants, as performers will be given blogs on and a Facebook fan page — and will also be encouraged to Tweet using their own personal Twitter handles.

Haislip's other credits include G4's American Ninja Warrior. She also appeared in the movies The Donner Party, Wasted and The Indian.

The Voice, which launches April 26 on NBC, features Aguilera, Green, Levine and Shelton as they select singers via a blind audition process. They then mentor those artists, who will eventually compete to win a recording contract and $100,000.

Haislip's involvement comes with a bit of synergy: NBC parent NBCUniversal now owns G4 as well, thanks to its recent merger with Comcast.

Source: TVGuide

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