Friday, March 11, 2011


As songwriters, you have a respectable range, as you wrote some songs for Christina Aguilera, one of which is on her deluxe album Bionic. Forgive me, but you think of the 'big league', you may envision something like this new TV series with Matt LeBlanc, 'Episodes', where the Brits pitch their TV show for a remake with Big US TV industry Execs whose can-do attitude is about about as genuine as smiles... is there any truth of this in your experience of pitching ideas for songs?
That sounds like a bloody nightmare to me. It was quite a simple process with Christina Aguilera. She got in touch, we wrote some songs for her, she chose the ones she wanted to work on, and we travelled to her studio to collaborate on those songs.
What was it like as writers making songs to measure for a global name?
It was never making songs for measure - she asked us from day one to write as if we were writing for ourselves and she would just fit into that. It was a very good position to be in as songwriters.
Did you work with Christina directly during the process and if so, what was she like as a 'colleague'?
Yes we spent some days in her studio working on lyrics and melodies and also building up the tracks themselves. Fortunately we were able to share some musical inspirations before we started working with her and just hang out so things were pretty chilled out and comfortable.
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