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Grammy-award winner Christina Aguilera says she's excited to be part of the new NBC musical reality show "The Voice" that promises to emphasize raw voice talent over style and performance.

"Honestly, this gives us an opportunity to judge them solely based on what we hear and how we're moved by their voice or the emotion in their vocal ability, and I'm thrilled to able to experience new talent in that way, which is a way I'd never seen done before," Aguilera told ET at a press event Tuesday.

Three other famous musician coaches will join Aguilera on the show -- Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine, country artist Blake Shelton and singer/songwriter Cee Lo Green. The coaches will each select singers to mentor into artists during blind auditions. Once they have their teams, the star coaches will bring in their personal songwriters, producers, and high-powered friends to help their teams evolve. Ultimately, America will decide which singer will be worthy of the grand prize.

When asked whether she'll mind being the only women coach on the panel, Aguilera said: "I will be a little bit nervous, I'm sure. It's going to be so strange, you know, I'm going to be on the hot seat with these boys, it's me and the boys, seriously. But they better watch out, you know, I'm going to get my own team to come in and mentor whoever I take under my wing."

Levine said this show will be "refreshingly different" from what has already been done and will not focus on the stars, but the new talent. "It's not about us, really, I mean it's more about making everybody we're working with the best they can be. We are kind of helping them become that. And they paid us a lot of money too, that's nice, that doesn't hurt."

The host of "The Voice," Carson Daly, said he's been astounded by the level of talent he's seen that will be appearing on the show. "I was here yesterday and I was blown away. It's really top-notch stuff. We're starting with some of best voices I've every heard."

"The Voice" premieres Tuesday, April 26th on NBC.

Source: ETOnline

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  1. It was great seeing you Xtina warriors at the show today. Hopefully we will both be there for future episodes too. Get site!