Thursday, December 16, 2010


NP: How are you feeling about almost turning 30?
CA: You're going to be surprised but I like getting older, because with every year you gain a little wisdom. When I was 20 I didn't have the confidence I have now.
NP: How are you going to celebrate your birthday?
CA: I'm in the south of France then. Admittedly, it's not the worst place on earth, but I'm performing there. After that I'm flying to LA and throwing a big birthday party for New Years' eve.
NP: I'm assuming your son Max will be present there?
CA: Of course. It was impossible for me to take him along right now because we traveled half of the world. That's tough for a 2 year old. And my schedule is swamped. But once I'm home I'm going to enjoy the look on his face when he sees what Santa brought him. I bought him lots of toys: a firetruck, a race car, a spaceship with wooden figures, a tiny skateboard... Mommy did a lot of shopping. Well, I miss him!
NP: How are you combining motherhood with being a pop star and actress?
CA: I knew in advance that as an artist I would always find new challenges. I'll have to find a balance between those. And I did learn what unconditional love for a child is, but I will always follow my passions. One of the things I want to work on is supporting women. Giving them power. I want to teach them to free themselves from men who are ashamed because of their sexuality, or even worse, who use women as sexual objects. I want to show women that they don't have to be embarrassed about their bodies. They can be sexy and in control of their body.
NP: Your performance on the British X-factor provoked a lot of shocking reactions: way too raunchy for a television show.
CA: Their are always people who nag. People who give those negative reactions are not comfortable with their own sexuality. I feel great in my body and my confidence has grown even more after this movie. Screw all the negativity.
NP: Did you and Cher hit it off on the set?
CA: Yes, but since she is an icon, I was nervous to meet her. Cher isn't an actress - she's a force of nature. She radiates such a huge energy and she's very sweet. I'm new in this business and she got me through it. She's always there to give advice or a compliment. That's really nice.
NP: Did you learn anything from Cher as a person?
CA: Because of my situation, we talked about relationships from woman to woman. I especially remember one specific sentence: "Men will come and go but I will always remain Cher". Isn't that great? And she's right. Men don't control what kind of woman you are.
NP: Will you be saying the same thing as Cher when you're 60?
CA: I'm already saying it! (laughs)
NP: Do you see a positive side about what's happening in your private life right now?
CA: I've got wings now. I'm more independent, I've learned lessons. The movie helped me with that as well. It was really hard, half of the time I was bruised and battered because I fell during the dance routines. It made me stronger to work on a repertoire where my children will look back on and will be proud of what I have accomplished.
NP: Children, as in plural?
CA: Yes, in the long run I do want more children.
NP: Would you love it if Max wants to be an artist as well, or would you be just as happy if he wants to be a carpenter?
CA: If making closets is what makes him happy, then why not? He will get my support, if he wants to be an entertainer or a plumber. That's my secret: be happy with what you do. I love being an artist. Don't let money be your only motivation.
NP: What is your biggest fear in life?
CA: That I would suddenly stop enjoying doing the things I do. I constantly need stimulation and input from everything and everyone around me. Everything keeps me going, even the downsides... (stops talking for a little while) I might have learned the most of the downsides though.
A very special thanks to Jenna for translating!

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