Wednesday, December 15, 2010


While Christina Aguilera is parading around town the world like a giddy schoolgirl with her new flame Matt Rutler, her ex Jordan Bratman is sitting at home pissed.

Rumor has it he’s going to try for custody of the couple’s son Max—and he doesn’t want the new guy around him. “The more Jordan hears about Christina and Matthew, the more determined he is to keep Max,” a source tells Star magazine. “He doesn’t want his son around his ex’s random new guy. Christina floats in and out of Max’s life. He’s there every day and goes to almost all the parent-teacher meetings alone.

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“While Jordan was at home taking care of Max during the Thanksgiving holiday, Christina was in Rhode Island meeting Matthew’s family,” the insider adds. “She’s acting like an 18-year-old on Spring Break.”

I couldn’t agree more. The last thing Christina should be doing right now is flaunting her relationship with Matt—it’s just giving Jordan more motivation to try and take Max completely away from her. Talk about an absent mother!

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Sources say Jordan is ready to bring up the point that Christina is an absent mother while in divorce court. “He’ll fight her tooth and nail for primary custody of Max. He feels that if she truly cares for Max’s well-being, she’ll agree,” says the insider.

Meanwhile, More magazine is reporting that Christina wants Jordan and Matt to meet each other. “Christina thinks that if Matt and Jordan can become friends, the whole situation will be easier,” a source tells the magazine.

Talk about ridiculous! Christina is acting like an idiot. Every day she’s photographed with this in a different city. Just yesterday they were photographed holding hands in Paris. I completely side with Jordan.

But for now, this rumor is….still up in the air.

Editor's Note:
Talk about BULLSHIT... or lazy journalism. This article is a perfect example of false facts. As if Jordan is sitting around pissed, and even if he is, who the Hell would know? And parent-teacher meetings? Honey, Max isn't even in preschool yet, so try again. Furthermore, Christina wouldn't be absent if she wasn't promoting 'Burlesque' aka doing her JOB. Plus, Christina is a grown, mature, woman - she knows what's she's doing and she's doing her. If anyone has a problem with that, then maybe it's time they get another life where they aren't pressed about whether or not she takes a shit. That's all.
Source: Hollyscoop

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