Wednesday, December 15, 2010


When it comes to Dirrty dancing, you’d think Christina Aguilera would have the edge on an OAP.
Sadly, she was out-danced at her own party by a 75-year-old gran. No wonder Christina was in tears – and not just because she’d snapped a ligament in her ankle and drunk enough to make Gazza wince.

I joined the Dirrty Girl for a spectacularly, well, dirty night out in London, following the premiere of her new movie, Burlesque.

As the curtain drew back at Floridita, along popped The Only Way Is Essex cast and I’m A Celebrity crew for a glass or eight of mulled wine.

For much of the opening act, Christina, 29, snogged the face off not-so-ugly boyfriend, Matthew Rutler (and rut him I would). Finally coming up for air, she necked a cocktail and hit the dance floor.

Now, it takes a brave, brave woman to upstage XXX-rated Christina.

But that didn’t stop Essex gran Nanny Pat – newly signed to Neon management – who got into an impromptu dance-off with the US starlet and swiftly upstaged her.

After a quick drinks interval (Xtina necked a sambuca shot), a crowd including Kayla Collins, Mark Wright, Shayne Ward and Paloma Faith, gathered to watch the dance battle continue.

But all of Christina’s bumping and grinding was nothing compared with Nanny Pat’s hand jive and her signature bloomers move – swinging her pants above her head, helicopter blade stylee.
Things got worse for Xtina when she twisted her ankle, to the, er, strains of Jacko’s Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough.

By midnight, the frail singer, hammered on fruity vodka cocktails, was physically carried out by the back door, curled up in the foetal position, by her minder Rob and plonked in her silver Merc.
Then she was driven to Claridges hotel, where flunkies set-up water and a bucket to be put by her bedside.

Can’t wait for your next visit to Blighty, love. I’ll put the paramedics on standby.

Source: Mirror

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