Monday, December 13, 2010


The 29-year-old singer is famed for her powerful voice and feisty song lyrics, and she bravely moved in to the realm of acting for musical movie Burlesque alongside film and pop icon Cher.

Despite her confident nature Christina has a vulnerable side, and she admits she still sleeps with the lights on sometimes.

“I am afraid of the dark and a few silly things, but in the big picture I am pretty fearless,” she told British newspaper The Times.

Christina leaves the lights on especially when she’s travelling for work, as it helps her feel more at ease and closer to home. The beauty doesn’t recall doing so when she was a youngster though.

“A little bit. Or the TV. It’s comforting,” she replied, when asked if she sleeps with the lights on.

“Probably not as a small child,” she added. “But as I got older and started spending time in hotel rooms it was a comfort to keep the TV on so that you felt that you were not so alone.”

Christina also described how her powerful on-stage persona gives her the chance to unleash her animalistic qualities. When the songstress goes on stage or enters a recording studio she immediately feels empowered.

“It is a place, the stage, the studio, when I start to sing and my voice comes out of me, a comfort zone where I can tap into feeling at peace and at home and just releasing my inner animal,” she explained.

Source: MusicRooms

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