Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So after Christina's interesting wardrobe choice the other day, I have no doubts that Christina is going for a no holds-barred kind of attitude for this upcoming era. If her four new songs on 'Keeps Gettin' Better : A Decade of Hits' are truly in the vein of her new material, then fans, Xtinatron is promising us she will be a "Super Bitch!"

In all honesty, I believe people expect it from her to be blunt and candid as she did exceedingly well circa Stripped, more-so than her trying to be the "good girl next door" she emulated circa Back to Basics which she also did exceedingly well. I think this new attitude will be a step above that of Stripped and she will provide a powerful punch.

"Autotune is for pussies" - Christina Aguilera


  1. Cool post!
    Personally I love the Christina who's not afraid to speak her mind and I can't wait to hear her new stuff!

    oh god my english kinda sucks... anyway, love the blog! (:

  2. Thank you Emme! Your english was spot on perfect.

  3. Christina has always voiced her opinions, but during the B2B era her demeanor and presence was a bit more reserved. She's going out on a limb here for this new ALBUM that I think is going to kick everyone else's album out of the fucking water.

    I can't wait until Christina 2.0 debuts. cause she is going to be on MAJOR bitch! hahhaha.

    Thanks for the comment one the blog EMME!

    People like you is the reason why we continue to run this blog.

    CHRISTINA 2.0 is on her way!