Sunday, May 16, 2010


Aguilera reveals her dominatrix side in a leather jumpsuit complete with whip. The singer has said that she feels even sexier since the birth of her two-year-old son Max. "I'm more confident in my own skin," she says.The singer strips down to lacy red see-through underwear and accents the look with a steel colored choker. How does she keep that svelte shape? With cardio and strength training, she tells Us.
Here she gives her fluffy white blonde hair the finishing touches. Black lipstick, matching inky colored nails and winged eyeliner complete the look. "I love playing the modern vamp," she tells Us.
Aguilera shows off her toned midriff in this black ground-grazing gown with cut-outs. The pop star stuck to a meal of chopped salad, fresh veggies and chicken fingers while on set.A white bandage-style latex dress accentuates Aguilera's curves in the scene where she sets fire to old items in her closet. "[The video] was about different facets of being 'not myself,'" she says.Aguilera hits a high note in this low-cut blinged out black and gold leotard. "It was nice to let loose," she tells Us of the video shoot.The pop star pairs her slicked-back hair with a white patent leather leotard with diamond accents and a glittery black bra. The doting mother had her son, Max, 2, on set during some of the tamer scenes. "He loved it! He really likes the song and says, 'Let's get kway-zee!," she says.

Credits: Lil_devil20002

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