Thursday, August 13, 2009


She just did a fairly lengthy (several minutes) message, saying that she’s getting the messages and that the question she’s getting asked the most is “what about the new album.” She said she’s “finishing it up” now, and that she understands we’re anxious to hear it, but she doesn’t want to spoil it. She said she’s very proud of it, thinks it’s her best work, and that she’s challenged herself by trying different sounds and textures, not only in the music, but in her own voice that she didn’t realize she was capable of.

She also said how great it was to work with the people she worked with, singling out Sia, whom she said she made some “crazy magic” with. She also finally confirmed that she worked with Ladytron and Santogold.

Update: According to XtinaNews, Christina is also working with M.I.A.

Listen to Christina speak about the new album

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